Friday, August 31, 2012

Sky of Beginning - じん

Requested by Jesus Cedillo (@Jesse_kun) of Twitter.

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Upload Date: 08/19/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: じん - Jin
Illustrator: 佐藤まひろ - Sato Mahiro
Chorus: やまじ ・ ラムネ ・  じん ・ 石風呂 ・ もっふー ・ ゆーまお ・ 白神真志郎 - Yamaji, Ramune, Jin, Ijiburo, Moffuu, Yuumao, & Shiragami Shinshirō

Author's Comments
"A song aiming for yearning.
'That, twinkles emerald green...'
This song is not included in 'Heat Haze Project'."

Sky of Beginning

That, that is flying away
To someplace, twinkling emerald green.
Sometime, sometime getting through
Was granted to even us, and we extended our hands.

With curiosity that's forgotten all of my scraped-together memories,
Pick them out, one by one, for keeps.
Attaching them together anyhow, an imitative red airplane.
But the seams totally stand out, y'know. "How unshapely."

Nothing of a guarantee anywhere, though we were looking at the sky.
Only lots of failure is accumulating. "One more time."

Everything, everything is flying up
To someplace. Ah, don't leave me behind.
Before the darkening, darkening sun sunk,
I was extending my hands today too.

I'm envious of any airplane, since stylish wings
Aren't attached to my own.
That's why I got fainthearted many times. I got desperate, and got to hate it.
"With this kind of cliched airplane, we won't fly in the sky."

That one faint green airplane in the far away sky were were watching one day
Is glittering in my chest even now. "One more time."

Am I crying, crying I wonder?
Dripping wet, I shouted. "Flap the wings higher."
Though that was very small
And unreliable, it was faintly shining.

"The rain stopped." The tune's good too. Looking up at the sky where a rainbow hung,
Shall we board? I kicked the red airplane's accelerator, and the propeller turned.
It's still scary. I was even uneasy. I was even hesitating. But I smile,
Look up, and so we will advance. It's a long way to the destination, enough you can see nothing of it.

Even if we aren't expected, even if not a person looks towards us,
That was certainly shining within us.

And so, and so we
Are flying up, twinkling with a faint color.
Saying that sometime, sometime
Even we might get through, we're looking up.

And so, the eyes of the boy
Who looked up at the sky, were twinkling emerald green.
Sometime, sometime getting through
This sky was granted, and we extended our hands.

La la la...

That, that is someplace...

Sometime, sometime we came to be
Getting through that sky, and we extended our hands.