Friday, August 24, 2012

虹色団地の神隠し - 触媒ファントムガール

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Upload Date: 08/17/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: 触媒ファントムガール - Shokubai Phantom Girl

Author's Comments
"In the starry sky and a town on summer break, the 7 7 day tale, of a boy and girl who wander about the thresholds of their memories."

The Spiriting Away at Rainbow Hue Apartments

A midsummer afternoon when even the cicadas won't sing. Secret talks in a secret clubhouse.
Tonight is the firework display. We were chattering about where to watch it from.
The 49th firework display. August 30th. 7:49 PM ~ 9:49 PM. Place: Sakugami Park.
The scary rumor that you inform me of. It is... "the spiriting away at the rainbow ruins".
You go in, and you don't come back. The highest place in town.

"Don't do any...startling me, okay?" "I won't do anything like that."
Grass as tall as a person that we push our way and advance through. We could see the haunted complex...

The evening cicadas begin to sing; the skyscraper that we stepped into.
Within the deserted complex. We aim for the rooftop door...

Wha! When I look, I'm all alone. Call as I may for you, there's no reply.
The spiriting away I encountered. "If this is a prank...knock it off!"

The broadcast towers of the witching hour that roared all around.
Binary and ternary both vanish into the twilight;
Darkness that wriggles in groups. Something bizarre beckoning.
The night procession of many evil mountain and river spirits that crawled out of the thickets.
Here and there, it's full of specters.
The coward who starts to cry in large drops. I'm running searching for you.

The bottom of the endless night where I can't see anything. They endlessly continue, rooms and corridors.
Your figure can't be found. I run from place to place from the dark that crawls near.

"Monsters" shouldn't exist, and "ghosts", I don't wanna believe in them;
But it isn't so... But it can't be--
"'But' what... Huh? Why is that...?"

My teary eyes go by; your shadow. I'm running, towards equinoctial week.
"I was able to find you at last; at last, I met up with you once more, but..."

"Wait a minute!" Even though I shout, my voice will not get through to you.
Desperately playing tag. "If this is a bad dream...wake up..."

Ah, that's right... I remembered. The festival band and the southern wind.
We did this even before, and ran on a night path in the darkness.
You told me goodbye. That summer festival we couldn't go back to.
The southern wind blowing through the festival band.
While the glistening fireworks burst open and flicker--
"But I wanted to totally forget that..." "But there's no cause to be able to..."
That way and this way. We were wandering about through thresholds---

On the other side of the door, the rooftop I'd finally arrived at.
You, were waiting for me. The full-blown starry sky.
All of it...I did remember. My endured tears, are overflowing.
You, were amiably smiling. Like "that one day"...

Rainbow-hued fireworks that glisteningly burst open.
One, two, three, four, many blossom;
The sparkingly flickering glittering. The palm I overlapped with yours.
The vibrant light left behind in my heart.
It dyes five, six, seven dazzlingly;
At our dying hour when we were crying in large drops, the promise I exchanged with you.

"Please don't vanish..."
"Since I'll always be beside you..."

The night procession of many evil mountain and river spirits that was sent back to my heart.
I'll hold them tightly, and forever in this chest,
The one that cried in large drops at the very end, your smile, I won't forget it.