Friday, August 31, 2012

夕花火 - Junky

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Upload Date: 08/31/12
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin append warm
Composer: Junky
Illustrator: 金たロウ - KinTaRou
Movie: Parmy

Author's Comments
"'                             '"

Evening Fireworks

Within the blurred wind, a voice (melody) that flickers between low voices and a story.
Small tracks that run along furrows. The miscellaneous voices of evening cicadas.


The gold-colored sky closes. The SENTIMENTAL that again faintly blooms.
With even my stretched shadow seeming to vanish, to the deep, deep evening sky.

It blooms strongly like it could cry, and with it vibrant I feebly cry;
My cheeks redden, I embrace my love, and load my thoughts toward the evening sky...

Umm, uh, that is--the loop of swallowing it down.
I was this weak... Now it's painful. A little more...

My voice also stopping, it's only the sound of the sky's flowers.
My pulsation starts. Killing my respiration, the voice of my heart that neared your ear.

I've always, always "                      ". (liked you.)

The color of love faintly blooms; evening fireworks, stop time.
At that kind of time when I want to escape from it, don't let me go anymore.