Saturday, August 18, 2012

猿夢 - Eight

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Upload Date: 08/10/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: Eight
Movie: MIA

Author's Comments
"A nightmare that won't end."

Monkey Dream

I was, I was having a dream.
I sat in the 3rd seat from the back of a train.
When I was having my dream, I was limited to the time I was self-aware,
And I was able to awake from my dream freely.

A train bound for Hell. The nightmare that can be told of.
The countdown to being self-aware of the sense of reality that started to seep
From the impending tragedy.
I open my eyes so as to escape from a dream stinking of blood.

Passenger ticket.

Inorganic voices. An unstaffed station. Without any coherence,
Even knowing it to be inexplicable, my curiosity strikes my pulse.
I trod my feet from my self upon unreality with pretext.
The unprecedented bizzare is "illusion"; a thing that is only that.

A hard-to-believe nightmare that partitioned oblivion.
Even the tragedy I wanted to believe fell out from my memory.
That kind of following day started to be astir.
That insanity that surges in the awfully lukewarm atmosphere.

A train bound for Hell. The nightmare that won't end.
I pray silently and more strongly. My field of vision that thins with an approaching sound.
Was graphically scorched into my far-off eardrums.