Friday, August 24, 2012

Chæckmäte Rømαncë - Fate (姉御P)

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Upload Date: 08/06/12
Vocals: 初音ミク・GUMI - Hatsune Miku append soft & Gumi extend sweet
Composer: Fate (姉御P) - Fate (AnegoP)
Illustrator & Movie: へちま - Hechima
Title Logo Designer: とうふ - Toufu

Chæckmäte Rømαncë

A black cat agilely goes along through the midnight silence.
The orange street lights. Gloomy illuminated facial expressions (faces).

I find myself feeling fragrant from the chilled alcohol that's sufficient.
Outside is the night of the crescent moon that's falling so as to declare daybreak.

The proof (traces) in our chests that are carved as the number of stars and unsatisfied passion.
What's overflowing from our dried throats are unwavering and obvious impulses.
Only our red lips are a sweet honey from a known immorality.
The distance and signals we felt in the directions we stared at with our eyes closed.

The fragrance of tobacco left behind with the removed corks.
The heat of last night that's vanishing from the undulated bed sheets.

Holding a sleeping body up in my arms, I surreptitiously shake it awake.
I was captured by eyes that were opened, and hotly wet from waking up.

Sensuality to the point of being too much, and being dyed with overflowing ardor.
What embraces me from my escaping backside is unyielding and concealed emotion.
The fruit that we seek in deeply poor desire, and isn't enough with words only.
The proof that we had loved is our voices and sighs before they're vanishing.

Comforted lips, and those fingertips that play faintly along my cheeks.
Affection that is satisfied from you who traces my mellowed, tender bare body.
Love that is spun close to my ears where talk vocal sounds are too luscious.
If only we could dissolve together like this until the day would break...