Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Re Birth - くろずみP

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Upload Date: 08/25/12
Vocals: Lily
Composer: くろずみP - KurozumiP
Illustrator: 蝶夜 - Chōya

Author's Comments
"----------Thank you, Lily."

Re Birth

Hoping for one future,
We gave up one future,
In that repeating direction.

Believing in one lie,
We deny one fact,
And the answer is growing dim.

Ambiguous sentimental argument.
An answer column full of mistakes.
Your eyes that smiled, delighted
For a brief moment--
How come they look sorrowful?

We knew it.
The meaning of the world is a deluded
Discussion that was far too beautified.
The ideals (things) we hoped for is the present
Result that changed our forms abruptly.
What did we get our hands on,
When something was lost?

Accepting one fact,
We accuse one lie,
With these simple voices.

Hiding one weakness,
We show each other one strength;
Our hearts are covered in wounds.

Each time we smile together,
Probing each other for our internal thoughts.
At the time when I suddenly realized it,
I seemed to be futile.

We feared it.
The pain which organs called
Emotion taught us of.
Something that spilled all over
Horribly wounded the pretenses
We had continued to protect,
And we knew that the world was a lie.

We stared at it.
Our ideals going to die were facts
That were far too cruel.
One grain of an ambiguous reply
That remained in the crumbling present.
What is correct?
Though it won't be comprehended by us,
At this place,
We are again going on living.