Sunday, August 19, 2012

焔の棟 - utml

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Upload Date: 08/10/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: utml
Movie: hie
Mastering: cheap

Author's Comments
"The red of the very young samsara that folly broke."

The Ridge of a Blaze

Even within the words that pass away,
The scars engraved upon my heart.
Even unable to cover my ears,
Someone garnishes a vase saying it's a lie...

This absurd world
Enquires of 1 happiness, and also goes dissolving into stone.
To the person who taught me of the pain of throwing,
Beloved praise and blessings.

The very last haziness that looked like a vestige is so as that I smile even now,
Like bubbles that go floating and vanishing.

Forever unable to remember that one time,
I might neatly disperse them.
The flowers are combed out (pruned)
By the waves and a voice going to vanish.

"I will never forget."
When I shut down my eyes, the higan flowers sounded,
Embraced the sky that had developed a crack,
Were washed away by the wind, and vanished.

This day wraps me up with clear weather.
Though now is like a lie, what is
Pleasantly correct, and what is wrong?
I explain my meaning for being born, I receive it, and fall.

It was a world where I didn't know
Of either being loved nor of laughing.
Even my words that piled up with pain
Just revere the wind...

Even the dulled scenery
Becomes birds going to blur in even that blue.
It was washed away by the break in my
Shown smile and the dark, and vanished.

Drowning in the spaces of my pity for
The broken days, I draw arcs in the sky.
I scrape together that voice that smiles ear to ear.

I will never forget.
When I open my eyes, the higan flowers will bloom,
Embrace now that developed a crack,
And be combed out (pruned) by the wind.

In this lovely world,
I might certainly disperse them.
My tears that go dispersing with the flowers
Are my final words.

"The scenery you saw was a faint world of an insufficient few seconds. So as that you will be happy some day."