Friday, August 10, 2012

エーテルの見た夢 - いつものP

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Upload Date: 06/14/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append
Composer: いつものP - ItsumonoP
Illustrator: あす缶 - AsCan
Mixing & Mastering: Studio Moko

The Dream Ether Had

I consider as I was submerged in muddied water.
"If I could've become, a thing so pretty, it wouldn't be touched..."

Closing the curtains, I'm rising to the surface.
Bathed in a storm of the sun, your eyes.

When there's no reason, I can't be here.
As if telling you what to do, I tried to repeat it.

Dissolve into the aurora, and totally vanish!
Pretending to not know anything, I might smile.
So as to mingle with and blur in light, little by little, I make an opening in my body,
And let go of consciousness.


I've had one, a dream
Like I continued to be forgiven
Just by existing.
Just by that,

You look up.
Wholeheartedly, you stare.
The light is downpouring
Gently into your eyes.

That, is me.
Surely, it's me.

Enough to be scorched into my memory and not go away, shine.
Though I don't say that it'd be scary to be totally forgotten,
I have a feeling, that our eyes, that they met just now
From an interval of 100 kilo-Rayleighs.
I'm swimming in the sea of an aurora.
If I swing the curtain with my palm, it might twinkle.
"Without leaving behind a single part, of everything reflected in your eyes,
If everything misted over, it'd be nice!"