Thursday, August 23, 2012

夏の終わり、恋の始まり - すこっぷ

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Upload Date: 08/16/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: すこっぷ - Scop
Illustrator: モゲラッタ - Mogelatte

Author's Comments
"On one summer night."

The Ending of Summer, the Beginning of Love

The lively, bustling festival. I put out some courage and did try inviting you.
I wonder if the yukata I'm not used to is at fault. My face gets all hot;
What to do...

Like playing with sparklers, via strained time and my sense of tension,
These feelings, which got big enough that I might burst, do hurt.

I get frustrated over the distance between our fingertips
That I could touch just right there;
What to do...

After that, just how much
Closer could I have gotten to you, I wonder?
I don't know. And not knowing your feelings either,
Only time is flowing...

The fireworks rise and shine, and we exchange glances;
"Sure are pretty," you laugh, and I get impatient with that smile.
The fireworks color and are reflected in my pupils (eyes) that love,
I make a wish just now. I want to get closer, closer to you.

I wonder if I can be speaking well. I wonder if we're having fun.
The darkness and silence of the night sky of the intervals of fireworks.

It makes me anxious, and I do worry about it.
Somehow I'm about to cry, and my words are blocked off;
What to do...

Even if I can't convey it,
I wholly think that it's fine as it is.
I get it. You're probably
Troubled even though you smile amiably.

The very last fireworks rise, and end too quickly;
I get lonely at your figure that waves its hand, and I get impatient.
My thoughts when we're together rapidly grow violent,
And though I wavered, I indeed, indeed want to convey them.

Every day until this, they were, they were terribly fun.
But when I look, they were getting bad as is, and getting to hurt.
My intend, intended thoughts in my chest:
I do want to get close. I do want to try to touch you.

Suddenly a firework rises and shines, "Wait a minute!"
With an astonished face, you looked back at me.
The ending of summer, one love moved.
Loading various thoughts into one thing,
Now, I wanna convey it. I've always, always liked you.

And you of course amiably smiled...