Friday, September 6, 2013

アワオドリ - ATOLS

Awa Odori is Japan's largest dance festival, which takes place in the Tokushima prefecture.
Raijin is a Japanese god of thunder.
umibōzu is a Japanese sea entity that will capsize a ship if any occupants speak of it.

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Upload Date: 08/27/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append
Composer: ATOLS

Author's Comments
"Ever since one year ago, this starts to overflow inside my head when it becomes summer, so I made it thinking that it is fate."


Raijin in midsummer.
The white princess of the white night.
One hundred offshoots, yeah.
Tonight, come, dance.
Hah-hah. Come, heave-ho.

Looks like it's the summer festival.
Make merry, Umibōzu.
Courtesans. Catgirls.
Seems like there's star fireworks.

The death agony of the gods.
Listen up. Cover your ears.
The flower dancers and
Sending a shadow to a dream.
A perpetual outburst from crickets.
Wartime lightning.
Hot blood, seethe.
It's the ends of the summer.

As one--

Arrive, nil day.
It's the ends of the summer.
Arrive, fulfilling day.
It's the ends of the summer.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

リベリオ - imis!n

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Upload Date: 02/01/13
Vocals: 波音リツ - Namine Ritsu
Composer: nog of imis!n
Lyricists: roni & nog of imis!n
Arranger: 西久志 - Nishiku Shi
Illustrator & Movie: 甘倉 - Amakura
Voice Manipulator: cillia


Let's go the winner,
or letting go the winner.
The preparations are over.

stand up the loafer,
or heat up the chamber.
Feel it, a sense of lively motion.

Cling to people, and gimme your tears.
No matter when, I can't see in front of me.
Unable to show my comical figure,
I destroy my cage and flap my wings--

A whole bunch of lies that
"Aren't", "aren't", "aren't"
so merciless.
Don't be deceived by every day that lost its place
In the puzzle and rotted.

I'm "good for nothing" and fine.
There's no tomorrow when I have to be able to take a step, see.
The end won't come.
I say I was showing off--
My stiff smile isn't cheerful at all.
I don't need it anymore.

ever been a loser,
or ever known a loser?
Hurry up and throw the dice.

still been just a dreamer
or going up a latter.
On the days when I "only" lived--

A whole bunch of lies that
"Aren't", "aren't", "aren't"
so innocent.
Don't be washed away by the pretentious audience
That swarms around you.

I'm "good for nothing" and fine.
Even if there was just about nothing, tomorrow would be there.
The end won't come.

I'm "good for nothing" and fine.
Carrying out my no-good essence by nature and barefoot,
The end won't come.
Even so,
A night in Samarkand.
I won't be chilly
even in the middle of the desert, see.
I only run past it now.

shining lights forever.
I guess I have to need to start a new war.
wow... or what else could I be?
dead killer? so could I be ever.
every words that I've said are walking over.
wow... you'll have to let it go.

月光食堂 - 古川本舗

Upload Date: 11/02/12
Vocals: acane_madder
Composer: 古川本舗 - Fullkawa Honpo
Illustrator: タマリ 中川尚 - Tamari Nakagawa Nao
Director: Naohiro Yako of flapper3
Motion: Taiyo Yamamoto of flapper3

Moonlight Dining Room

The white and silver tiptoes that you touched.
They shook again. Won't you let them go for me?
With soup at my right hand, and the dust of stars at my left,
My cheeks that had foolishly slackened were tinged with crimson.

My strayed emotions and this body
Again arrange to meet here, see,
And it is fine if I just wait,
Gazing alone at the changing seasons.

When your nights finally end,
I'll greet the new mornings,
Until the day I can meet again with someone
Who'll sit here following that.

The white and silver tiptoes that you touched.
They have already withered. Won't you let go of them for me?

The moon too is a white fresh light.
Faint shadows that spread in the spoons.
If I can lonesomely smile alone on nights
When I've gently awoken--

I shall dance with tomorrow which sits next to me,
Dance a waltz with vertigo and steps.
The nights which are the same as changing seasons
Are detaching and falling.

One of the white nails that you attached.
When I traced it, it vanished.
It vanished like I soaked it up.

Monday, September 2, 2013

廃材とオレンジ - さたな

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Upload Date: 09/01/13
Vocals: Gumi extend power
Composer: さたな - Satana

Scrap Wood and Orange

A rusted together fence.
        The shadow that stretched in a lattice-shape.
What I can see from a gap in the scrap wood
        is my thoughts that swayed long ago.
One crow looked down.
        The evening sun started dyeing my back.
The boy who loitered on the vacant land
        lamented over his future and cried.

I'm wishing for that kind of a day when
        sunflowers bloom in a narrow back alley,
In this town where I flat out lost
        my cherished things and cherished people too.
I hoped for normal things
        and when I looked, I had lost everything.
That direction that I ran far away and away to
        was this usual town.

Each time the second hand of the clock
        ticks away my life day by day,
I do know that the things
        that were left are only this body
And memories.
I held up my left hand.
        The evening sun blurred.
A world that was being scorched
        into my eyelids.

Come night, one light
        will be on again.
Each time, I
        remember you.

I'm wishing for that kind of a day when
        sunflowers bloom in a narrow back alley,
In this town where I flat out lost
        my cherished things and cherished people too.
I hoped for normal things
        and when I looked, I had lost everything.
That direction that I ran far away and away to
        was this usual town.

ことのはドロップ - ちんまりP

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Upload Date: 08/30/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append sweet
Composer: ちんまりP - ChinmariP
Illustrator: 山梔子 - Kuchinashi
Mastering: なぎ - Nagi

Word Drops

Why is room of my heart that no one can step into
covered with your footprints, you think?
That the two of us were looking at the same sky,
that the conclusion we hoped for was the same at all times,

I knew.

My sighs that are vanishing every few seconds
and my words that lost their direction
are going along the soundless night and vanishing.
My shoulders that're no longer lined up shake.

Each time I make it through the night, you're getting far away.
I was wounded by the undirtied past.
In my head, the song you liked that remains
Is very similar to the words of our farewell--

I was still young to walk alone,
and I was too grownup to walk as two.
The time when your half step and my one step
began to overlap little by little.

Now, in the direction of the conclusion--

I'm falling. I'm falling.
"Goodbye." "Thank you." "I'm sorry."
My shape-only words crumble
and flat out chase you. That's why

I let go of your hand.

Transparent drops are falling
without resisting in the light of dawn.
"I'm right here, I can't go back,
my breaths will still flat out continue."

8月32日 - Diarays

The Long Month is how the month of September was referred to via the old Japanese lunar calendar.

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Upload Date: 08/31/13
Vocals: 鏡音リン・レン - Kagamine Rin/Len append
Composer: コウ - Kou of Diarays
Musicians: コウ & rins & ショウタロス - Kou, rins, & Shoutarosu of Diarays

August 32nd

"Natsuki, what're you reading?"
"A book called 'The Oblivion Diary'."
"This scenery took its time getting here. Put that dirty book down."
"The happiness of reading in the middle of Mother Nature, is unbeknownst to Sora."

The end of August.
The Long Month which was supposed to come around every year,
It didn't come for us.

Within the solitary forest,
At a shrine filled with black,
The songs (games) of evening cicadas bloom as
The opposite of quiet thoughts.

The sky that's astir in the twilight.
The wind chime that rings in the distance
Is the world we can't go back to.
We now separated our tightly
Bound hands.

Why aren't I touching you?
Why can't I see you?

The scent of summer that disturbed
the two of us who ran away.
On the calendar, it's like the Long Month
That's supposed to go on wasn't there from the start--

The cogs with broken
Existences jarred.
They spun and spun
and called for you many times.

Wish                 To be with Sora.
Full Name             Natsuki                August 31
I can't hear you.
I can't touch you.
While I'm this close,
While my see-through body too
Is lovely, I'm being scorched--

I want to see you
One more time.

put me back.
Gimme the means
to bring her back.

Natsuki was growing invisible to Sora.
And so he himself too,
Was starting to go away from this world.

The sky that's astir in the twilight.
On a branching path.
You choose to let go of the day that'll no longer
Come back--

"I'll go now,
to a perpetual summer."
"Forgive me, 'kay,

You smiled
and let me go.
I wonder if I
was able to love you.
The singing voice
of summer rewinding.
The very own of we who vanished,
August 32nd.

He opened his eyes.
Something was missing,
On September 1st.

The evening cicadas were wailing.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

夏ノ夜幻想曲-ナツノヨファンタジア- - たかぴぃ

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Upload Date: 08/31/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: たかぴぃ - Takapii
Illustrator: BIYONBIYON

Summer Night Fantasia

I'm home!

6:04 PM at home
6:05 PM at home

Without choosing the time and situation, suddenly
It's going out of its way to come at me abruptly.

Female High Schooler
Gender: Female
Level: 16
HP: 158
MP: 42

- Old Magazine Sword
- Tissue Shield

This is a state of emergency (SCRAMBLE).
An intrusion.
Charging into a compulsory EVENT.
There's no other way to move forward.
I can never avoid it.

My trampled paradise
that's oozing.
Even if I assume that these hands were defiled,
I'll attack the enemy without fail,
For the sake of tomorrow's peace.

---Miku---       -->
Fight              Stage Type         --  1 Animal
Run Away

Don't interfere with me
Any further than this.
There's surely got to be
A place you ought to return to.
I'm sorry.
YOUR place to be
Isn't here.
These thoughts that I can't surrender--

I'll guard freedom
And peace with these hands.
Don't ever think badly of it.

Miku's attack!
A miss!
The opponent dodged it nimbly!
Miku's attack!
A miss!
She can't manage the timing!
A miss!
A satisfactory hit!

And so the world wore on!

8:48 PM after dinner
8:49 PM after dinner

(Are you serious?)
(What is this for?)
(Is this now?)
(You're too uglyー.)

ーSortie immediately, and intercept the enemy.
Don't let it reach the sanitary bed.
Repel every "threat".

It makes its appearance like it owns the place
Above my head.
(Go away, would youー.)
On the verge of a state of emergency (SCRAMBLE).
Airspace violation.
I didn't want
To meet it ever again.

My overshadowed air-defense net
That was slipped through.
An alternative doesn't exist.
I'll attack the enemy without fail,
For the sake of a healthy sleep.

"Hatsune Miku appears!"

Aviation Type            1 | Miku            158/158

A time when they've stopped moving is a chance.
Don't pick a fight with me
Any further than this.
It's weak against synthetic pyrethrum.
Bear in mind! This
IS my
I can't let
you do
as YOU like.
Roach Sol.
These feelings that I won't shake--

I'll defend myself
without relying on anyone.
I absolutely can't pull back.

The limits
Of my patience at last.
The time has come!
The assault too is already unavoidable.

Don't pick a fight with me
Any further than this.
Recognize the sound! I am truly
And seriously begging
Of you!
I'm sorry.
YOUR place to be
Isn't here.
This wish that won't change--

I'll seize an hour (time)
of repose with these hands.
It'd be great if you let us live
With each other in a happy place, y'know.

11:21 PM in the bathroom