Wednesday, August 22, 2012

アヒルロマン - デン

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Upload Date: 11/29/10
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: デン - Den

Author's Comments
"Dance in the bathtub."

Duck Romance

I'm forgetting to close the lid;
In the room shrouded densely in steam
I always remove my glasses,
And can become just a smidge more audacious than usual.

My very own cosmic airspace so as that my body floats.

While taking a shower to cool down,
I brightly remix with all my might
The ballad that I'm humming.
And play it seemingly to boast.

I floated gently on the water's surface,
Saying that my yellow duck seems lonely being alone.
Bought at the supermarket while the sun was red, my boy friend.

Listing and floating, my face reflecting in the water's surface.

Eventually even I'll get to set off with my ducks as a couple;
I wonder if I will decide to find my own part of the group this time.

I wonder if tomorrow will be a day I can smile more than today.

Now is the margin. I show my face. A new record that appeared after a long time.
Maybe it's a good omen. Maybe I got to enjoy tomorrow too.
I wonder if I will twist the doorknob when my body too eventually feels hot.
To the water's surface that's swaying warmly, thank you today too. See ya tomorrow.

Thank you today too. See ya tomorrow.