Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ユノミアイノミ - Rio.T

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Upload Date: 07/21/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: Rio.T
Illustrator: 塩酸 - Ensan
Designer: Ayuwringai


Looking right, looking left, a confirmation of safety.
Raising my right and left hands, I walk and advance.
In a loud voice, OK? "I am right here."
Even allotting my existence with verification and query, it's still not enough.
Hey, what should I do?

Who know me? Who am I? Is there not a person who knows?
You know me? Even enquiring, the answer is always "Who?" only.

"That one." "This." "That." "Who." Which denotes me?
Joining my right and left hands and parting them,
One question, OK? "By the way, who're YOU?"
Verification and query of existence. Even so, it's still AMBIGUOUS.
I don't understand what I should do...

You know me? I don't even know well YOU whom I also love.
Who know me? The one who embraces me is, yes, "You" only.

You know me? In YOUR eyes, I am visible, am I not?
Who know me? Is this voice able being able to be heard?

I know me? Who am I? Even as myself, I don't understand anymore.
I know me? The one who knows only a little is "I" only.