Monday, August 20, 2012

聴けない森、見えない兎 - ロレロ

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Upload Date: 02/15/12
Vocals: 鏡音リンレン - Kagamine Rin/Len
Composer: ロレロ - Rorero

Author's Comments
"The tale of a certain forest and lost girl."

The Forest that Can't Hear, the Rabbit that Can't See

Come, let's go back.
To the house that shelters you.
The owl finally notifies
That are THINGS that won't be.
An awful wind blows,
It's that even this place will finally wither away.

An unfathomable sprout.
Who was it that watered it?
It's nobody like God.

I prayed
Towards someone who'd lost their eyes,
So as that they could come out of this forest.

Come, let's advance.
On the road protected by ivy.
The morning birds finally greet
Tomorrow which is when I'm said to've been born.
Even though you can see nothing
Of the light that I've kept away,
It's so as that it doesn't hurt.

An unnatural picture.
I can't draw it as I like.
A map that is no longer useful.

You curse
Yourself who can't denote the road.
That's fine, since I'll protect you.

"Ruby gems that tumbled off.
A dark wind swept them away.
Burying the cavities, in two cavities.
I can't see the roof, the walls, nor the floor.
I can't find my house I'm to return to.
If I snap my writing brush, I'll sing with a sorrowful voice.
In the quiet forest."

I fell in love with a certain rabbit.
My lips imitate a reason of sorrowfulness.

I can't hear songs,
Since I know not but how to feel.

Come, let's return.
To the place you should be.

Come, let's forget.
I who made you lose your way.

Join our hands.
Before everything withers.

Since I will show you some beautiful scenery.

"You can see me."
A thing that I can't hear.
That's nothing like destiny.

If your eyelids blink so as to release my hand,
There is now the middle of the light.

I won't forget you. Ever.

In this world that's like it was drawn in a picture, let's meet again.