Sunday, August 12, 2012

或る化け猫の恋物語 - Nem

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Upload Date: 08/09/12
Vocals: 鏡音レン - Kagamine Len
Composer: Nem
Illustrator & Movie: たま - Tama
Guitarist: [TEST]
Bassist: chappie
Mixing & Mastering: madamxx

Author's Comments
"It is that the thoughts of a place that can falsify the self are the truth."

A Certain Magic Cat's Love Story

If it can't persist being hidden, it's fine if I lose everything.
Pledging such, I fell in love with a human.
The magic cat's story.

Wanting to regain your smile
To you who lost your lover,
I pledge to the full moon that
I will live taking on his form.

Embracing you who broke
Down crying, I said,
"I won't leave you alone anymore."
Ah, God,
I am cruel.

I performed a loss of memory.
But if for the sake of that smile,
Any kind of lies or sins will be forgiven;
I even had that kind of a feeling.

One night, you broke the ice.
"Hey, your eyes are different from his.
...But I don't care."

You cried, embracing me
Who started to tremble.
"Don't leave me alone anymore."
Ah, God,
This is a sin, isn't it.

My magic skin was peeled off,
And lost my human speech too;
You said to the back
Of escaping me,
"Thank you."

Ah, take sinful me,
And you, please detest me.