Wednesday, April 3, 2013

神の名前に堕ちる者 - kaoling

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Upload Date: 04/22/10
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: kaoling
Illustrator: またよし - Matayoshi
Movie: ももぱん - Momopan

Author's Comments
"Disparity, news that could make you doubt your ears. It depends on thinking that it is good if there is equality even if only in the importance of lives at most."

They Who Degrade the Name of God

ratattuer lesietir   miah-shete rattuer (God, of Thy name)
reye-leala (Shall I inquire)

hua-luetetir   viate-siyete, yo (Thee whom is said to knoweth of everything.)

ratattier, si-rayah mialuatu   layerua-rya (God, art Thou truly giving Thy great love)
tuerettir-lushe, ya via-ruatulaya, lua-ta (To the entirety of living things?)
deyeer-gretuer (Might they who can lose their way)

liolay-reyo (Been allowed to believe in Thee?)

The pampered say, "It's still not enough",
Looking up to the heavens and holding their hands aloft.
Piling up towers for they who can lose their way,
They shall go and lose their means to reconsider.

"Devote thyself to God's hand,
And wait and pray for salvation."
Even so, what both these hands pray for
Is the sake of my own tomorrow.

With words of rewarding love,
He envelops me.
And so, hearts that are full,
Sing for people's joy!

"He who has none is happy," as goes
The verse of God created by people.
Making the rain fall upon any people,
It goes and dissolves their sins too.

rete-yutinier tayietuah (Doth Thee hand down blessing equally?)
lishe-retia (Tragedy is sudden)
And by God's whim.

They who know not of hunger,
They who fall to the wind,
They who see the "name" of God within themselves...

"More than for the Lord, pray for those whom thee doth hate."
Even so, what these hands protect are the people I love.

The words of rewarding love
Let fall the "name" of God.
Hearts that are almost full,
Sing a song for people's children!

From the ends of cycling time comes a tale that was handed down.
May there be light equally for
Everyone who once was.