Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fairytale, - buzzG

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Upload Date: 08/08/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: buzzG
Illustrator: HERO
Movie: 大鳥 - Ōtori
Bassist: Kei Nakamura
Engineer: tomoboP

Author's Comments
"5/21/2012. At the promised place."


A morning mist like that one day comes into view.
My legs caught on each other, and you took my hand.
Do you remember your unsolved magic-like fairytale?
Its continuation still... Mm, I'll tell it again, 'kay.

So as that a couple floating in a dark see wouldn't be lonely,
God surely, for just a little bit, surely permitted the time.

Responding to the monogram of the overlapping stars,
You are coming. Raise your voice above their orbit.
I've continued to yearn for the sparkling of yours only,
Despite being unable to return to that time that passed, pure white as it was.

The time of farewell will come soon,
"Are you married?"
And the things we wanted to talk about too will be about half;
"...Eh, why do you ask?" "The ring." "Oh, this? Nope. But it's on my right hand, isn't it?"
The couple that laughed together, "The day's sure in a hurry",
"Should I add gum syrup?" "Ahh... Nah, have it as is."
They hastened their thoughts to the circle of reunion.
"Yeah..." "I can't drink it when I don't sweeten it the same as always."

"Right, right. Same as always. I wonder if it ever changes.
But is that kinda stretching it a little?"
"Nope, not at all, because it makes your heels taller. Yeah..."
[Your habit when you're convinced:]

Even if you notice both promenade of the weeping cherry trees
[Looking downwards and laughing a little.] "You do wear heeled shoes."
"I guess so." "Who gave you the ring?" "No one. I bought this for myself."
[Your habit when you lie:
That the charm of time changed and my heart, do not look over your shoulder, 'kay.
[Lightly touching the back of your ear.] "I see."
"How long will you be around here?" "Tomorrow I'm taking a holiday, then just be going back home."
There's no color that's easily dyed white.
"I don't even have a reason to leave my apartment open the whole time."

"Do you live with someone?" "Mm-hm." "The city seems fun. How nice."
(Ahahaha) "The way you say 'city" sounds like a bumpkin."
"Well, I... I'm not like that. Don't you laugh!
"It's a cat. A cat. Since being alone is lonesome, I started raising one."
"So that's it. Well, if you don't go back soon, it'll be worried." "Right, right."
"I think of it when I'm not there. This shop doesn't have customers often, does it?"
"It seems that it'll close up next month since there's never any customers."
"Ah, is that so... Things sure are rapidly changing. My ice melted."
"Are you leaving soon?"

It's since I can't shine alone.
"For a guy to use a straw and to add so much gum syrup, it's not that cool.
Y'know my cat--"
There is a continuation to your fairytale. Listen up.
"But I liked that about you." "I see. If you're not married, put it in its place on your left hand."

Long time no see, huh?

Our overlapping pulses teach us of the sparkling of our lives.
"Congrats." "...Mm." [We aren't sweet anymore.]
Even if you receive someone's love, it won't vanish.
Coffee like a dark sea. (bump) [I wonder if it'd been good had I submerged the ring.]
If I see off the stars that're going away after a few seconds,
"When we meet next, it'll be on my left hand." "Hmm?" [I wonder if we'll meet again if I do that.]
"Mm, no matter what."
I mean, since we'll meet even after several thousand years pass, it's that sort of a story.

It's a promise.

It's a promise.