Wednesday, June 20, 2012

単純ゲーム - カプリコP

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Upload Date: 04/05/12
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin
Composer: カプリコP -  KapurikoP
Illustrator: MUK

Author's Comments
"Thought it'd be Kaito? Too bad! It was Rin-chan~☆
Len is also there a bit."

A Simple Game

I don't know if, up until now, time passed a little complicated or not.
If I made it a simpler game, I don't know if it'd be good or not.

God spoke.
"Let us begin to play a game now," He said.
"It is a simple game in which
You must become happy within the time limit."

I inquired of God,
"I don't know about happiness very well."
"If so, will you search for it now?"
The instant that was said, the game began.

And so, in a solitary world that awakened,
I search. "My very own happiness."

As if in a fairy tale from someplace,
I search for a blue bird.
Though what was found was good,
It is not "happiness", so thank you for the food.

God laughed.
"Since you still have a lot of time,
You may search hurrying so,
But surely, it's not going successfully?"

I retorted thus.
"If I can, I want to find it quickly."
"If so, well, there's no helping it, y'know."
The instant that was said, I awoke from a dream.

A world that reflects a glare in my swaying field of vision.
Will it be found one day? "My very own happiness."

As if heard in a rumor from someplace,
I search for four words, three thousand ri.
Though what was found was good,
It is not "happiness", so that was a feast.

Ah, will she too retire here?
Though You expected it...
Well, it's my home.

As if in a fairy tale from someplace,
I search for a blue bird.
Though what was found was good,
It is not "happiness", so that was a feast.

As if heard within a dream,
I search for "happiness" for many months.
Since there's no sign that it'll be found,
A forced termination. Goodbye.

This time was also useless.
What in the world could the cause be?
How come no one realizes it, I wonder?
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. 
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. 
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

初恋学園・純愛科 - Nem

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Upload Date: 06/04/12
Vocals:鏡音リン・レン×GUMI - Kagamine Rin/Len & Gumi
Composer: Nem
Illustrator & Movie: たま - Tama
Guitarist: TEST
Mixing & Mastering: madamxx

Author's Comments
"An ode to the springtime of life!"

First Love Campus ・Pure Love Course

Though I'm completely bad at both studying and exercising,
I didn't know my social standing, and I fell in love with the president (you)!
A momentous decision! A 7,100-letter love letter!
But I don't have the courage to hand it to you...

Hey, I know what you've been looking at.
Hey, if you've got something to do, then say it!

Erm, um, uh, well...
The weather's really nice, isn't it!
It was nice that today also went well~!

How come you're shaking?
What're you hiding there? (!)
Show me, listen! (No....)

Look, an aura of charisma that overflows from me.
My necktie, of course, was specially made by Bayberry!
What, that's a weird brand that I haven't even heard of.
Moreover, don't hold a rose in your mouth in the classroom, okay!

Hey, this Sunday..
Ah, I have practice. Another time, 'kay!

Ah, does perfect me scare you, my kitten?
If the girls are jealous, it can't be helped.
That groundless confidence is just a bit enviable.
...It's already evening, huh.

...This is my childhood friend, my sullen lamb. (!!)
She's talking to me, okay?
This is bad. I can't be called incompetent anymore!
President! Please, read this letter!


"Every time your silk-like hair is swayed by the wind..."
"My pulse beats fast...something something..."
You have no literary talent. But she chose me.
...Say, isn't that right?

Two astounded people. My response...well, what will it be?
However, the one thing I'm thinking of, y'know... (...)
It'd be nice if these kind of stupid days
Would go on forever and ever and ever...

(Mm, it's nothing...)

ワンサイドゲーム - note

Upload Date: 06/07/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: note
Movie: setu

One-Sided Game

Since I was only showing off my scars,
I understood that no one wholly believed me.
Waffling so that I won't have my uncertainty exposed,
I pretended to be just a little tough.

If it could be conveyed, the unspeakable reason
Of me wanting to speak in the gap of my selfish desires,
Then I'd ramify according to difference in skill.
My bed is a very cold place.

If just that moment--

A one-sided game that stood still in a daze.
Blocking the way of the heartless status quo, you laugh.
The advantage of loafing around in one's imagination,
Upset it. Exceed the common belief.

A one-sided game that advances a spot through emotion.
I who made the heartless status quo am again
A coward. The interval that asks towards tomorrow.
Protect this path of retreat.

Since I was only showing off my scars,
I wished that somebody would believe me.
I finally notice that my uncertainty was exposed.
My prolonged scars vanish.

The reason of me being unable to speak in the gap of my selfish desires,
The hands, time is unable to manage it.
I ramified according to difference in skill.
And my bed is a very cold place...

If just that moment--

A one-sided game that stood still in a daze.
Blocking the way of the heartless status quo, you laugh.
The advantage of loafing around in one's imagination,
Upset it. Exceed the common belief.

A one-sided game that advances a spot through emotion.
I who was making the heartless status quo am still
Not ended. The interval that asks towards tomorrow.
This path of retreat is unnecessary. I, I'll get you--

リコリスの塔 - YonoP

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Upload Date: 06/08/12
Vocals: Gumi (Whisper)
Composer: YonoP
Illustrator: 防人 - Sakimori
Mastering: 内緒でお願いP - Naisho-de-onegaiP

Licorice Tower

- This is the story of a different world. -
- Come, let us open the book. -

From a gap in the meadow, fish that swim through the sky.
Gaze at the licorice tower.
In this town, there is a "secret".

A person who has been deprived of the person who has been granted.

I was born in this town,
And at that time, I had my facial expressions stolen.
Even discrimination was a part of my body.

The pebbles sing of the footpath between rice paddies that we ran through.
The girls call in three syllables that it's "a secret".

Smiles as well as sorrow, they sound only within my heart, though even tears won't appear.
"Lila! Lila! From the barn I'd said I wanted to become a bird, and white cloth now, it took off!"

The licorice tower, its gates open only to those who solved its riddle:
"Meet God."

- The licorice town surrounded by an outer wall. -
- At the heart of the town, it is divided into two by the border of the licorice tower, and wars occur again and again and again. -
- One side is "normal" humans. On the other side live the "stupid". -
- In that town, things that were given too much, and things that couldn't be given were called stupid. -
- "The girl who had her facial expressions stolen." -
- "The girls who talk simultaneously in only three syllables." -
- "Giants." -
- "The girl who can predict the future." -
- This, it's the story of the people who live in that town. -

If I were to meet you, I would have a wish.
"Don't make anymore discrepancies. That's it."

"Lila! Lila! I'm happy now," we say,
So we'll certainly go on living in this town.

Reon - ゆよゆっぺ

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Karaoke: (It's a .zip file)
Upload Date: 06/04/12
Vocals: 巡音ルカ - Megurine Luka
Composer: ゆよゆっぺ  - Yuyoyuppe
Illustrator: meola


In a corner of scribbled uneasiness,
Your hand which wished for eternity
Drew an outline;
Impelled by stretched-out hope,
So that I'd escape to a place
That kept away from reality,
I gave a translucent
Smile that you wouldn't follow.
I was just fine with that.

My destination was there,
My happiness was here,
And I cried on days that were changing.
In the case that I could be
Wrapped up in these arms,
I would curse impossible reality,
And wish.

Chasing away many ideals
And confusions, your smiling eyes
Stared only at me.
"Why will you be born here?"
The simple throw faintly
Is painted out.
It's comical.
I whose blood doesn't flow cannot draw.
A distancing world.

Our endless story
Is wholly, secretly ended
With those fingers of yours.
Until the hands stop, until that time,
Be beside me...
Finish dyeing me vibrantly.

There were things that wouldn't change,
Falsehoods were here,
And I cried on days that were ending.
It'd be nice if you'd stop
Those hands that grow distant,
Ignorant of their rotting loneliness;
So I wish, I wish...


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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 06/07/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: はりー - Harry
Illustrator & Animator: Sachiko
Movie: Sena
Guitarist: Naoki Harashima
Bassist: Koji Kunitomo
Pianist: GOTS
Drummer: Satoshi Fukai

Author's Comments
"The day that ourselves will begins something.
Let's enjoy the precious 'now' with all our might!"


Astronomy and theoretical thinking within my contemplative head,
From uneasiness that was piled up, I look at the world.
The odiously clear direction direction I peeked at was full of God.
Destiny said to have absconded waits for you.

What's boisterous is the world that separates you and I.
So that I can't run away, I remember today as well.

Even though it's "now" which what shines in that hand cannot say,
Our voices started running. Your and my Earth Day.
A world map drawn with a trembling heart.
But today is your and my Earth Day (day when we chased our dreams).

Cognate hatred, uneasy thinking are shut up within my head;
Though I challenge saying we should grab and release, I'm collapsing.
Enduring even the step of life support, I know about my weakness that came to bury me alive.
Impregnable destiny respires.

Thinking of you is a circumstance for the sake of me being me.
So that I don't hate, I'm watching over even now.

Even though we refused the things reflecting in those eyes,
Our voices were worn down. Your and my Earth Day.
A world map invisible with glaring light.
But today is your and my Earth Day (day we remembered our dreams).

The promises we exchanged before making complaints.
For example, today is your and my Earth Day (determined day).

Even though it's a song that that echo cannot sing,
I strained my voice; may it reach your Earth Day.
I am for you. You are for me.
If we sing, look, it's your and my Earth Day.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

運命ノ子 - 暗黒童話P

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 06/01/12
Vocals: 初音ミク・ GUMI - Hatsune Miku & Gumi
Composer: 暗黒童話P - Ankoku-DōwaP
Illustrator & Movie: 友人Ⅱ - Yūjin Ⅱ

Author's Comments
"It is that it will repaint 'the tale of which everyone knows the conclusion' as 'the conclusion which no one knows'.
It is that it will repaint it black, black."

Child of Destiny

Tonight, a single story of the night
Of the full moon, to those who know its conclusion.

The fragrant plot of land of Benikirasōju. Now for an old story.
Three thousand ri away from civilization, a horned boy secretly lives there.

For being flesh-colored, "human-colored", he is despised by the members of his tribe.
He abandoned his home town and five years passed, and he was known and loved by no one.

Time passes, and the only ones I love dearly are you.
It's strange, but it's great, y'know; though all three of you have different appearances from me...

Since I decided to live alone, a prank on the goddess of Love
Determined that I would happen across her, a wounded, fallen barefoot girl.

Please hide me, as far as a place that my pursuers' eyes won't reach.
I'll carry you to my house, and shelter you, so eat this. "A secret fruit."

Come, it'll soon become healthy, your small body with black hair long.
You are a human child, and seeing me this way,
You aren't afraid? Of horned me.

A life of unquestioningly watching over the girl of unclear origin begins for the boy.
The girl is destined for Love, captivated by the reticent yet kind boy.

Though small, the warmth they felt, though small, dwelled within her.
Though small, the definite happiness, though small, was a great delight.

Towards the end of the month, when dark clouds hid the full moon,
They finally found their house, and would arrest the daughter of their enemy.

I asked all of you to run away,
And bid the same of my wife and child.

They kill voices, have no heads, run with heads;
From behind me I feel the final moment of the one I love.
The fruit that that person entrusted to me,
It's protected your body, and shown us the way.

Listen, my child, the blood that flows within you,
The blood of man and "ogre" is hated and cursed, and you'll be ruined for it.
Your father's and "my" blood strengthens you.
And to that extent, these guys will protect you.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Qualia - ハチ

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Upload Date: 08/04/09
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: ハチ - Hachi

Author's Comments
"■ In the colored days, a precious person.
■ The 'mouse soldier' will graduate this time.
   They will return to being an ordinary boy."


In a pure white world, there is nothing.
No sky, no dinner menus, no dogs, no horizon, no ground,
No mothers, no shadows, not even warmth.
Not a thing exists.
Just one person is there, the girl I excluded.

Where am I?
No one answers my question.
If I look around, it's such a world
Of only white that it's sad.

There are things that I want to convey
To somebody, listen, to somebody.
Even if I look up, there is no sky,
Not even the surface I should be standing on.

What's the purpose of this kind of world where I can't even hear someone's voice?
Unbelievable me breathes here.

If that's so...

Making blurring stars
Makes me aware that I am myself.
I'll color the white world
With spilled colors everywhere.


A sky-colored paper airplane.
Wind-colored soap bubbles.
Would these suit me as well?
Peach-colored hair ornaments.

Purple birds come, and on a green swing set,
Let their worn-out voices sound.
They give me yellow hard candy.

The colored world is bustlingly paralyzed.
Even so, my body is still unbelievable...


To know the color of my eyes,
I need someone who I can perceive.
Here I am all alone.
I don't know my colors.

The girl quietly began to call.
Of course, there is no reply.
What there is is vivid and noisy colors, and molded objects that would never catch one's attention.
"This, is it what you hoped for?"
The girl does not know.
In this world, what is there, and what is not?
Is the color that she sees truly the correct color?
And in the first place, what was correct, and what was a mistake? Upon the girl's cheeks, tears flowed.

"In truth, I was just lonely."
"I wanted somebody to be beside me."

Within the garbage of color,
You were beside me.
In your extended hand
Was a red, red apple.
"It's a color that suits you, it's a color that suits you, so I'll give it to you."

If both puzzled thoughts and words
Can be thought of as lovely,
Surely I can keep on walking
Within sufficient colors.

Making blurring stars,
I know that it's the world I see with you.
We'll color the white world
With spilled colors everywhere.

"...It's nothing."

不思議のコハナサイチ - ピノキオP

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 05/29/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer & Artist: ピノキオP - PinocchioP
3D Movie:  すす泥棒 - Susu Dorobō
Title Logo Artist: 虎硬 - Kokō

Author's Comments

Mysterious sexoB llamS

You have a sharp tongue, but to be honest, you who's said to be kind at heart
Show an unskillful smile,
And the affectation of a ruffian is the bait. Words that encourage your antics.
You aptly make hearts flutter, don't you?

I mean, that kind of reverse mystery that's too radiant
Is going to be cut apart from nonfiction to fiction.

Smashed and wasted,

Reality goes into small boxes,
And I mean, I'm still able to go on living.
"Hurry up, and die," I was told.
So I want to betray the expectant voices.

Unresolved incidents. When to talk...
The secrecy I'd always kept to myself
Is seeking an unexpected conclusion.

I stole stalemate blueprints from the past,
And if the idea of resuscitation was added,

Then they're counterfeit!

I mutter that it's already the end,
And it's still obstinately continuing.
"If you die, you'll be at ease," I was told.
So I want to amaze the great voices.

I pretended that I was a criminal, which was a contingent circumstance.
I pretended to be many people, which meant I had multiple personalities.
I pretended to be next to you, who was already a ghost.
I pretended that I was a big echelon, which was somebody's intracraniality.

I pretended to be a young child, who was a small old person.
I pretended to be a distant planet, which is this earth's future.
I pretended to be in an RPG, which was wearisome reality.
I pretended that I'd already died,

And I'm still alive.
And I'm still alive.

Sadness goes into small boxes,
Which I shut up and knock over.
While waiting for the moment where something changes into
Something else that's great,

Reality goes into small boxes,
Which I shut up. I'm watching intently.
"Hurry up, and die," I was told.
So I want to betray my very own self.

Don't you?

エイは育ち、僕はプロポーズに鉄を曲げる - 家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP

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Upload Date: 05/28/12
Vocals: VY2
Composer: タカハシ ヨウ (家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP) - Takahashi You (Ie-no-ura-de-manbou-ga-shinde'ruP)
Illustrator: 竜宮ツカサ - Ryūgū Tsukasa

Author's Comments
"His perseverance."

Sting Rays are Raised, and I Twist Iron for a Proposal

While meandering by the side of the neighborhood river,
I was considering the words for my proposal.
This ring that I only just obtained,
I wonder if it'll pass onto your hand tomorrow.

I had only stumbled a little.
The ring that was shining on the palm of my hand,
At a precise angle that was no more than this,
Flew out beyond the opposite bank.

There's not even a bridge for me to go get it.
There's nothing that would work well as a boat.
When I put both legs in to swim my way across,
An old person who was watching says,

"This is the Sanzu River."

What a legend to be flowing
Through this kind of place!
So the opposite bank is the World of the Dead.
I thought it was Kanagawa!

I tried to swim closer at once,
And it hurt to the closer I got;
Moreover, I feel better getting closer;
If I go to the opposite bank, I will die.

Realizing that, I turn back and go home,
And come back with a slumbering fishing rod.
Believing that the ring will be caught
On the hook, I cast the rod.

"Believe in miracles!"

8 sting rays were caught in a row.
I don't need that kind of miracle right now.
Go grow up somewhere else.
Where were you when I swam some time ago!

I cast and cast without catching it.
The sun falls and again climbs.

I got blisters which broke open;
Blood flowed and hardened.

I still haven't caught it.
But that thing is
An important ring.

I made a promise to meet up with you. The time to meet up with you has come.
Going towards my house, you happen to pass by me.
You look at exhausted me, you look at me who's about to cry,
And I tell everything to you who's rushing over.

It's a terrible proposal.

When I went to cast my rod again,
You hugged me from behind.
Knowing of the coldness of
My body, it was the time my heart began to break.

Back and forth, the hook was struck and distorted.
If I look, it's become a hoop.
You put that on your hand,
Crying while you smiled.

"Thank you for the lovely ring."