Sunday, August 19, 2012

ルーゲルダ - KulfiQ

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Upload Date: 08/13/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append
Composer: KulfiQ
Movie: イクシマ - Ikushima

Author's Comments
"What kind of days are they, those beside us?"


Ah, the boundaries of day and night.
Swaying, they float and then vanish.
Ah, I am diverted into solitude,
And airily, I begin to change color.

Yes, in the transparent sky,
I let go, of a faint yellow,
And stepped into a meadow.
I bear, expectations for tomorrow...

Surely, I am in love.
I do want love.
There are no rules there.
If I say it, it's my entirety.
Since the young me of 16
Doesn't understand that meaning,
I, closed my eyes.

What kind of days are they, those beside us?
Do you not take advantage of them?
I wasn't lonely, you aren't here.
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am.

I run through the hilly road.
The wind goes taking the scent of
One fully-blossomed flower
Along towards your distant town.

The whole time, I was in love.
I did love you.
There wasn't any reason there.
Even not saying it, it's your entirety.
Since the unripe me of ten years later
Has too heavy of an intention,
Alone, I cast my eyes.

They are these

They are these kinds of days, these beside us.
The blue sky cleared, of this world.
If I grow wanting to see you, I will close my eyes
To you. To you. To you. To you.

That one day, I told you of the clouds
I drew in the sky. I will go on living
For the sake of fulfilling my dream.
On the long, the long, road, ahead.

One day, I will hand it over to you;
I said that, and stuffed it into my pocket.
A flower whose fleeting color is much like you.


Since though the thorns hurt a bit,
I will put it into a vase, 'kay.