Friday, August 24, 2012

溜息のダンス - さたな

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 08/19/12
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: さたな - Satana
Movie: すこっち - Scotch

A Dance of Sighs

Below the compelling overhead structure, I smoothly come out;
A spinning belt line is shaken, shaken;
Bound points and lines on a plane.
The contours I draw. The additionally drawn lies.

The bird's-eye-view future is bottomless.
Pretending to not notice my deluding self.
"There's nothing for me." Since when?
"What should I do?" I substituted that for clay.

A brand bag through which the master similar to a wooden doll ostentates exclusion and restraint.
A schedule in accordance to the rails. A program without waiting. The struck execution key.
Smoldering gunpowder smoke that indicates one's last moment. The oozed blood of an inferior.
Raised voices. Fantasies that bury the margins.
But's it's no use, but it's no use;
I am understanding that so much it hurts.

Stained with emotion, I cry, I cry. The interval of three minutes when I lost my place to go.
I let go of my important things just now. I start walking alone, and I do smile.
Reject the metronome that ticks away in a boring speed.
Guileless conversation, spat out and left behind harsh remarks
Ran rampant in my lungs. A dance of sighs.

With skinned and mended words, I can
Never do any wounding;
Wiping away the bright red eyes
Of you who cries was too dirty.

A gun that starts to sound like I'm going mad. A smashed hollow pipe. The thundering noise that satisfied me.
The sense of superiority that I stole and grasped. A clamoring feast of garbage. Blindstitched eyes of concern.
The jet engine that tore into the sky. The trembling shake of my eardrums. The pity of the struck keyboard.
Under the huge rock I evaded, my roadability
Is in the way; it's comfortable.
But I did notice that a while back.

Buried by ash, I start to dissolve. My interior. A burn. Nonfiction.
Conceit that starts being raised irregularly in a sterilized room and with a liquid diet.
Midday that passes with a temperature that won't go down, it disappears. Cutaneous sensation.
Praise that waned. Flanks and spectacles.
Weakened with empty air, a dance of sighs.

Guileless conversation, spat out and left behind harsh remarks
Ran rampant in my lungs. A dance of sighs.