Friday, August 24, 2012

転生マーメイド - liviera

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Upload Date: 08/12/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: liviera
Lyricist: 優月 - Yuzuki
Illustrator: 來佳 - Raikei
Movie: りつ - Ritsu

Reborn Mermaid

I loitered alone at the seashore,
And was fascinated by the blue sea.
If I suddenly look upwards,
The seagulls are flying away...

I estimate with vacant eyes;
I scoop up some faint water.
If I could grow a tail fin,
I'd be able to go much farther...

A mirage that calls the burnt past.
A swaying coral reef.
Is that shadow that drifts on the water's surface also an illusion?

Resurrected, that world.
My eyes' tears spill over.
They continue perpetually. It's endless.
They were dissolving into the deep sea.

A straw hat.
Gentle sunlight on the dying down wind.
Those days I ran around barefoot.
I fragily sink.

Hazy long breaths like I'm sleeping
Come into my chest.
My heart that was without being pierced by a knife.
Where (what place)...

Rising with a splash, I leap; I swim about.
An ephemeral mermaid.
You who vanished, going against destiny (fate),
Thinks of who...

An unforgivable
Transient prayer.
A tale of love.
The sun sinks; with this, it's GOODBYE.
I closed the picture book.