Monday, August 20, 2012

良い色の飴 - ロレロ

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Upload Date: 06/22/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: ロレロ - Rorero

Author's Comments
"Candy's like gems."

Good-Colored Candy

When you guys' stomachs're empty,
It's fine to lick up some candy,
Since you're all guys whose colors
Change, licking so as to not break them.

There's a riot in the distant town.
There's a war in this one candy.
Though I'm not related with it,
It's a terrible story, huh?

Going on ahead. What's soliciting in the shadow of the telephone pole is a picture story show.
Look, empty wrapping paper from the sky. A great success.

Don'tcha wanna know?
What became of those people?

Well, don't hold it in your mouth, the gem that's got a sweet taste.

When you guys' throats get dry,
It's fine if you swallow your spit.
Doesn't it make a nice sound?
Be satisfied with that.

I will pass this place that's
Right before a troubling thing.
I'll put your cage right here,
Since it's a good-colored candy, right?

Covered in lies year round.
Saying it can't be changed anymore.
Saying you spat the whole thing out.
A period of engorgement.

Did the color change?
Though I don't even wanna see
Your saliva-smeared tongue.

An epidemic. That one town will perish; the king's obituary.
Look, look. If you raise the smoke, someone'll notice.

Don'tcha wanna die?
Without any kinda reason, just tranquilly?

Well, don't hold it in your mouth, the gem that's got a sweet taste.