Wednesday, August 22, 2012

雨と狼 - 3396

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Upload Date: 08/14/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: 3396
Illustrator: めろ子 - Meroko
Mastering: km

Author's Comments
"I aimed for a 'moving picture book'.
The story of two wolves who cycle through the stars and lies."

Rain and Wolves

That place, is a world where people love only facts,
And abominate lies without distinction.
In there, many picture books and novels
Wash ashore upon a fictitious place of waste;
This, floundered desperately at such a constrained world.
Now it is the story of a wolf boy who no longer exists.

A pause in the labyrinth
Where withered books and the frames
Of umbrellas had accumulated.
A boy, while reading books,
Was living in the place of waste.
The people of the town,
Oppose fiction with a lack of understanding.
The people were all present
And abominated him as well,
But no one was capable of meddling
With the archives within his head.
The people feared that lies
Would leak out from him,
And confiscated 
That tongue from him.
That was wholly the perfect stamp,
And should he speak, he was in a lidless box.
While the lies that lost their places to go
Cycled within his body,
They finally became poison
And came to be doing bad to him.
The curse of the lies
Gave him hair-covered ears and a beast's tail,
And his form, became that of a thing
Going by the letters of "wolf boy".
The people feared that form,
And at last chased him away towards the outside of town.
Finally the boy,
Came to live in the quiet forest.

Blue. Black. Sky. White. Color.
Icy stars are swinging.
The leaves of a bellflower that rotted long ago
Were wrapped up in frost.

Unobserved, time elapses, time elapses;
Fixed stars that shined in the southern sky of the
Frost-covered trees like they'll erase lamps with a stream. Fixed stars that were bright.
Before you grasped them, "you, you vanished."

My sadness is pressing out the abyss of the world that waxed in the pause.
I doze off barefoot. A wolf of lonely taciturnity.
The stain-like stars that floated, and even the dead forest that has no temperature;
The deserted dumbfounded stars swallow them up.

He was filled with a viscously slight fever.
The darkness of the night sky like it was whirling;
He showed his face bit by bit to that background.
Even drops of stars shining like pearls,
Were shut up below a bulky membrane of ice
That concealed the sky;
They were emitting white light
That had stopped growing cold deathly silently.
While the boy lied down in a grassland
And pointed out the constellations one by one,
He liked to sing to himself
A story that was associated with them.
While he repeated such a thing for several nights,
It was that he came to embrace
His yearnings little by little in the dark sparkling of Lupus.

Town. Stars. Sky. Forest. Rain and dew.
Faintly rotting, I'm satisfying it.
The dissipational apple bubbles that climbed up
Made space in daytime.

Spectacles of a sandy reef soaked in soda pop.
Drenched by a bucket, a floating orb that sways to and fro.
In the mirage of a riverbed, dispersed star clusters. Sultry binary stars.
In a corner of my head, a whale stole my eyes.

Before shaping it, it vanishes. My words clamor in my throat.
I drift smeared in stardust. A wolf put down in ice.
Both a spit of land that sunk while unstable, and light that babbles under a glacier;
The deserted dumbfounded stars swallow them up.

Finally a cold that was enough for 
The blood throughout his body to freeze over
Came closing in on him;
The boy bent down onto the grassland,
And just debilitated quietly.
"When you next open your eyes,
You will be able to become any one
Of those stars."
It was that he was thinking
That even himself seemed to be
Like an idiot.
"If you die, you can
Become a star;
After all, even that has no
Choice but to be a lie."
"Even if it's not so,
Had somebody not transmitted it,
I already understood long ago that
I couldn't become a star."
"...Come over here.
I'll become witness
Of your tale."
"You still have the energy to tell
And remember of everything
Up until now and after this, right?"
The voice that he heard by accident then
Was as a memory he'd heard
Of sometime somewhere.

The wind pours into a grove of trees.
Raindrops swim disconnectedly.
"Shall we cast it away right now?"
Somewhere in this kind of world.

I'm being forced up through an updraft.
A rift in the clouds loosens, and a blaze shines.
It isn't a lie. There you are. You are.

Sand coils around our bare feet.
The stars sway within our eyes.
"Good morning! I was waiting the whole time, lie-filled wolf."

Though our grasped hands are still cold, the beach in my eyes that moistened.
Surely we will be able to smile forever.

Since we will be able to be here together forever.

The ice floes that started melting,
Became raindrops and downpoured;
Even while they dully jarred,
The heavenly body resumed its movement;
And even in the forest that was about to die,
The seasons barely
Came to be appearing.
Of course, that sort of thing
Was not in a place that the townspeople knew of.
"If only everyone was able to find
Their true direction as quickly
As we were able to."
"Ah, yeah, if only.
Surely what they'd discover
Would be untactful."
"Even if you only love facts,
You're not limited to being loved
"Since then precious things,
Would be invisible
To your eyes at any time."
Come now, even the rain that roughly downpoured
Suddenly stopped before they knew it,
And showed the starry sky that had noticeably cleared.
In those remains where the boy had become nonexistent,
A world of only unhelpable green was left behind.
Even now on the side of Lupus that seemed to drown into the horizon,
A small, small purple star
Was slowly twinkling.