Saturday, January 26, 2013

隔絶≡タナトス - ろひ

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Upload Date: 01/23/12
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin
Composer: ろひ - Rohi
Lyricist: ナツメ神楽 - Natsume Kagura
Illustrator: ぽかぽん - Pokapon

Author's Comments
"Solitude and isolation. The THING existing at those ends--"


"If only I hadn't existed from the start."
"YOUR existence is no better than trash."
I don't want to listen to idiotic bullshit.
If I could, I would've been vanishing from the start.

Hey, is that mouth attached to YOU
In order to inflict wounds?
You can't try the patience of a saint,
But trying MINE is all too easy.

Pretending to be strangers today too, the ADULTS are IRONIC.
It's the same everywhere, your useless opinion. A PANDEMIC.
Speak as I may, it's meaningless, there's no connection verbatim.
I'm tired now. I want to sleep soon.

The common sense (NORMAL) of others (YOU)
And the common sense (NORMAL) of ME
Are the same or so, and yes, greatly different.
Don't blame me, at least. Leave me alone.
Don't make me say it repeatedly.
I'm just passing the days of falsehood.
HAPPINESS is, yes, a misunderstanding.
Though I am not SMART, I realized it
And snorted (laughed) with my nose.

When are the errors from?
From when I was born?
One answer has probably been decided.
Unpleasant pet theories.
Unpleasant noise.
Yes, all of them, all of them are that I'm in the way.
I'm not mistaken.

Negative emotions. The logic I was assembling.
While I was shouting repeatedly,
MY voice won't get through. Lonely.
Please, someone, listen.

Since I did come to be born to PEOPLE, y'know,
It's a matter of course that I'm ruled by something.
If so, then what kind of SLAVE will I become?
I want you to make me choose with MY hands.

Just like the innocent smiles of the CHILDREN today too, it's PLASTIC.
Chasing after DREAMS that won't exist is FANTASTIC.
I look towards the FUTURE that was reduced to ruins, it's dire distress.
Is it good now? Liberate me quickly.

Free birds. A cage of COMPANIONS. If I choose, which is better?
The former is solitude. The latter is a prison. A brutal SELECTION.
To ME who can't smile upfront, it's out of the question.
I'm just waiting for the ending without even the right to choose.

Being isolated, before I knew it, I
Was singing in a black box.
Pretending to be like a normal person
When it came to DREAMS, LOVE, and CRUSHES,
Where was I vanishing to
At that time when I was reduced to obsolete dust?
A hellish daily life gets hazy
And feels distant.

Was I deserted?
Was I deserted?
One answer has probably been decided.
The important THINGS,
The isolated THINGS,
Yes, all of them, all of them are myself.
I don't want to vanish...

Someone call for ME; Alone.
My spirit (HEART) breaks, it's damage to property.
After all, all of it was abstract theories on my desk.
If only I didn't exist.

Oh, the globe will unchangingly continue
To turn forever.