Friday, June 1, 2012

Qualia - ハチ

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Upload Date: 08/04/09
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: ハチ - Hachi

Author's Comments
"■ In the colored days, a precious person.
■ The 'mouse soldier' will graduate this time.
   They will return to being an ordinary boy."


In a pure white world, there is nothing.
No sky, no dinner menus, no dogs, no horizon, no ground,
No mothers, no shadows, not even warmth.
Not a thing exists.
Just one person is there, the girl I excluded.

Where am I?
No one answers my question.
If I look around, it's such a world
Of only white that it's sad.

There are things that I want to convey
To somebody, listen, to somebody.
Even if I look up, there is no sky,
Not even the surface I should be standing on.

What's the purpose of this kind of world where I can't even hear someone's voice?
Unbelievable me breathes here.

If that's so...

Making blurring stars
Makes me aware that I am myself.
I'll color the white world
With spilled colors everywhere.


A sky-colored paper airplane.
Wind-colored soap bubbles.
Would these suit me as well?
Peach-colored hair ornaments.

Purple birds come, and on a green swing set,
Let their worn-out voices sound.
They give me yellow hard candy.

The colored world is bustlingly paralyzed.
Even so, my body is still unbelievable...


To know the color of my eyes,
I need someone who I can perceive.
Here I am all alone.
I don't know my colors.

The girl quietly began to call.
Of course, there is no reply.
What there is is vivid and noisy colors, and molded objects that would never catch one's attention.
"This, is it what you hoped for?"
The girl does not know.
In this world, what is there, and what is not?
Is the color that she sees truly the correct color?
And in the first place, what was correct, and what was a mistake? Upon the girl's cheeks, tears flowed.

"In truth, I was just lonely."
"I wanted somebody to be beside me."

Within the garbage of color,
You were beside me.
In your extended hand
Was a red, red apple.
"It's a color that suits you, it's a color that suits you, so I'll give it to you."

If both puzzled thoughts and words
Can be thought of as lovely,
Surely I can keep on walking
Within sufficient colors.

Making blurring stars,
I know that it's the world I see with you.
We'll color the white world
With spilled colors everywhere.

"...It's nothing."