Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ladies First - OSTER-project

Upload Date: 2010.05.17
Vocals: 初音ミク & 巡音ルカ - Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka
Chorus: Sweet Ann
Composer: OSTER-project
Illustrator: 原之 - Harano

Ladies First

I wanna be your number one.

One kiss as a prank.
Your mischievous smile.
With my mouth wide open,
I who'd completely frozen.

While it wasn't supposed to be like this--
Hey, how come you've got that kind of look
And are staring at me?
From inside my heart that was sleeping,

The ESSENCE of hot love that oozes out, y'know,
Seems like it isn't lying.

Haven't you noticed already that it's almost like
The gods played a trick on us?
I can be ready for that.

I wanna be your number one.
There are just a smidge more
Walls and the like for us than for the next love over?
Don't let go of my hand you've held, 'kay,
No matter how strong of a head wind the day holds.

It began from that time on.
My first mysterious relationship.
If it's something we couldn't comprehend,
We understand if we've got the same gaze.

Enough lip gloss for two people.
Pink-colored toothbrushes lined up.
It is weird but it's precious,
Since only you are special.

Since today is a ladies day,
Dress up extraordinarily
And let yourself enjoy a couples day, 'kay.

You who gets into a panic around the friends
You unexpectedly passed by, and your vacant right finger.

I wanna be your only one.
You say it just can't be helped,
And your sad face hurts like a sting.
I understand your feelings.
It's getting all the more painful.

I wanna be your number one.
The kisses we exchanged
In the dimly lit room are a secret.
In spite of a love as great as this,
How come I'm crying?

I wanna be your number one.

I wanna be your number one.

Tonight I'll show you my skills.
I'll try opening the refrigerator at dinner time.
Though we can't make anything aside from this kind of thing at all,
I'm happy,
Since you're here.

I wanna be your number one.
Enough for just two people.
Let's share our feelings and time, 'kay.
It is the form of love we chose.
We don't need any rules.

I wanna be your only one.
So that we can be
The cutest couple in the entire world,
I want to shout that I like you a lot.
Yup, someday, y'know--

I wanna be your number one.