Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blindness - Treow (逆衝動P)

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Upload Date: 12/09/09
Vocals: 初音ミク & 巡音ルカ - Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka
Composer: Treow (逆衝動P) - Treow (Gyaku-ShōdōP)
Lyricist: NaturaLe
Movie: 喜多嶋時透 - Kitashima Tohru
Programmer: C's

Author's Comments
"Since I know not, I see not."


Please don't try to separate us...

Since I am myself, I am at fault.
I decorate countless blues (scars).
The gift of bonds (pinkies).
Father (he) won't come into focus.

The rainbow pledges (does) with regret the unknown.
The answer changes (breaks) the query.
On the stage (terrace) where I lost my balance and danced,
I was hearing a gravelly voice.

Commonplace hands that raise over my head and curtail my tears.
They correct (scold) me. I like
The mismatched comforting.

Fissures in my field of vision. The disarray of vibration (rhythm). I know with pain.
"It's for your own good." Oh, I am satisfied.
Since you say it, I all alone in the forest secretly carve in.
The sleeve I grasp. Those hands only.

Don't take him away from me.

I need your"

Only myself is at fault.
Countless intentions (threads) entangling,
I scream (cry) that it's a mistake.
Me and my common sense won't come into focus.

On a road where I'm not supposed to lose my way,
"It's USELESS to be sitting still."
On the stage (terrace) where my legs were twisted and broken,
An unpleasant sound (voice) pulled and rubbed.

I am showered in a white prison. The standards (rules) of others (people).
I don't know. I'm not mistaken.
A thing that can be verified (exist) with pain.
Don't pressure it out (force it out) by being conceited.

It's not right; I hit the correct frame with words.
"It's for your own good." Oh, I am bound.
No matter how I cry, the pebble (marks) pause and won't come to more.
The method (thing) I follow. These hands only.

Two vanish, it becomes three, the days when I vomited.
Even so, I run--oh, I want to go back.
Since myself is gone, you teach, and I forever carve in.
The sleeve I grasp. Those hands only.