Wednesday, July 3, 2013

家出少年と迷子少女 - cosMo (暴走P)

1st installment.

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Upload Date: 02/13/11
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: cosMo (暴走P) - cosMo (BōsōP)

Author's Comments
"Clang-clang, clatter-clatter. A lone singular point in the everyday. To be refreshingly with despair and resignation-- not."

Album Website
"The lost girl... A girl searching because she had no 'lover'. After roaming about and walking through the town, she remembers the truth at a railroad crossing. What she imagined was, <a town where she forgot that she had no lover>?"

The Runaway Boy and the Lost Girl

There are THINGS I want to forget......
What happened here, what I saw here,
The question of where did you go--
There is a THING I want to erase away......
Me who was left behind all alone
In the darkness--

One morning, you suddenly disappeared.
The eccentricities (ILLNESS) of you the slight eccentric are occasionally difficult to comprehend.
Ah, the question of what did you do this time leaks out.
I rushed outside, unable to stand the unpleasant voices around me.

I tried pouting a bit that I was starting to hate you.
If you say you aren't getting your way, I won't forgive that.

Under the elevated bridge where I walk searching for you. The sketched order is the worst.
When I find you, I'll slap your cheek,
Saying, "That's for making me worry, stupid."
It might even move me to tears a bit.
With a pip-pip-pip I walk, in search of you, within an unfamiliar town.
My face that could cry just like a lost child doesn't look cool at all.
My thoughts in crumbles. I run out of the string of my emotions that was getting on my nerves.
Since I am worried that you won't take my hand,
I want to see you soon.

The end of one day. It's only me whose shadow grows.
Where did you go?
I want to forget a damn day where you're gone. I forgot it.
What's happened to you?
Is my memory fabricated? You did run away, right?
What happened to you at the end?
Though it's a very important thing, I do have a feeling that I should't remember.
Did you...

The town was so devout to her wishes that it was overprotective,
Although it didn't know if that would bring about her happiness.

Gathering the fragments of my memory that was torn away and came off in pieces,
I wish that I could remember the reality that I turned away from once.
I spin around and around. The journey of the lost girl in the gaps of buildings who searches for you.
I came to see the last stop of my walk. The TRUTH is, you had already......

At the railway crossing where I walk searching for you, I remember everything about you.
Waving a BLANK hand at your climbing smoke, I saw you off.
Searching for you who was already gone since that day, I got lost.

「I want to go to where you are.」

I stood one more time at the clattering place where I saw you at the end.
Even though I couldn't go back anymore, I did decide that I was fine with this.
Searching for you aimlessly and getting lost wasn't cool,
And my tears that were illuminated by two flashing lights were surely from relief.

「Because a world where you're gone」
「Would be a mistake.」

I was able to return to this place at last.
I'll surely find you too, and it'll be a HAPPY END