Saturday, April 21, 2012

メテオ - じょん

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Upload Date: 03/20/11
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku (sweet)
Composer: じょん - John
Illustrator & Movie: SOE

Author's Comments
"At first, I had planned to publish this on the night of March 11, 2011.
Then we incurred the incidence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and I postponed it;
But I decided to revise one portion of the story within the song, then publish it to this extent.
It is not naïveté, but I will be happy if you get the feeling of something from this song."


Playing in the dead of night,
The murmurs of the clock
Tell of the beginnings
Of ticking, tocking dreams.

Above the clouds that gaze
About an uneven town
Is the arrival of a lost child
Who faintly flickers.

As we search for you, we sing,
As if our distantly thinking voices will one day be able to be delivered.

On the night of a star's shooting,
A northern wind blows through the streets.
Without contact from the person we've waited for,
We just design upon the following day.

The star takes along wishes,
And scatters apart through that sky.
We, during our sleep,
Have happy dreams.

A new beam of light
Weaves through the clouds.
Numberless sparkling
Lights are born...

Footsteps. Calling voices.
Everyone opens their eyes.
They'll entrust many
Wishes tonight, I think.

Though I cannot meet with you, I know.
In a distant town, you're standing, struck by the same rain.

A night of a downpour of stars.
The sound of rain swallowed up voices,
And we, unable to sleep,
Were looking at the glittering sky.

The seven colors of stardust and
The commotion echo on the earth,
And like fireworks blooming in a disarray,
It's confetti that flutters about the sky.

The strobe of outside lights and
Clouds that swell like ripples.
Floating water. Swaying hair.
Flocks of birds fly away,
As if the premonition of a miracle.
It trembles, the finger of a mother who hugs
The back of her child who leapt to their feet.
I just stand still.
While half asleep, my memories surround me.
The present that all the time
I walked through condenses into.
Until the time that this body
Is stolen by the gears that began to move,
I'll be strongly, just strongly thinking of you.

A night of a downpour of stars.
A northern wind carries bits of light,
And we, unable to sleep,
Just wish for the following day.

Crying voices of stardust and
Tinnitus are interrupted at my last moment,
And within the soundless scene,
I have a dream that will not end.

A night of a downpour of stars.
If I clasp a small pair of hands,
The stars will deliver
Our wishes to the distant sky,
And call for a happy morning.