Sunday, January 27, 2013

天堕 -序章- - 乙P

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Upload Date: 05/04/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: 乙P - OtsuP
Lyricist: 鈴葉ユミ - Suzuha Yumi
Illustrator: ささささ - Sasasasa
Movie: 三重の人 - Mie-no-Hito
Mixing & Mastering: 横矢重治 - Yokoya Eiji

Author's Comments
"The prohibited affection between a human and a child of the gods.
A tale which had its existence deleted."

Skyfall -Prologue-

The sea withering, the forest burned.

A place hugged by the dark.

Light and the like, is no more.

What is here is only despair.

It echoes in the collapsed world, a sad melody.

It was a sealed legend.

A tale which had its existence deleted.

Her memory now here...

The fact that she loves someone,
Is it to totally wound somebody?

Her name is IA.
A single child of the gods, who lives in the heavens.

The first emotion, to burn in that chest of hers.
The faint awakening of love, when she hugged a boy who lived on the land.

However, that, is a prohibited emotion.

But...... "I want to see him......"

Though I yearn to see him,
Oh, it is an impermissible love.
My father accepted
My forbidden wish.

The girl's small wish would eventually swallow up the world,
Disturb its order, and summon its collapse...

Is what she sings a song that guides hope over?
Is what she sings a song that invites ruin?

The answer to that is..........