Wednesday, January 2, 2013

延命治療 - Neru

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Upload Date: 12/28/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: Neru
Illustrator & Movie: しづ - Shidzu

Life-Support Treatment

They stab anesthesia into their bodies,
Saying that this is happiness here.
If I look west, they're playing with dolls.
If I look east, they're falling ill businesslike.

It is strange. The inside of my head's on the fritz;
I don't get DELAYS, asphyxiation, LIFE.
I'm going insane with binary knives;
A cast I can't remove.

The condition of being lost in the space between machine and pride.
We wounded each other with our limbs covered with tubes.
The remedy is obscure within a sea of trees.
Please take me away from here.
"Look, I'm getting sleepy."

The wooden bridge that rocked arrhythmically
Raised a dull voice and crumbled.
I was kicked down by unsociability,
And I was laughed at by the sky.

They left me up on the operating table;
When yesterday's me was crying,
What would be good for me to wish for
On tomorrow that relies on miracles?

The condition of budding and receiving freedom and a vision of the future.
We were supposed to meet hugging our shoulders one of these days.
I lose my ideal land too. The isolation ward.
Anyhow, I knew it from the start.

If I totally believe it, maybe today and tomorrow I can definitely be at ease.
I say I'm to blame for it all, I say I'm to blame for it all.
I cannot at all become the sort of adult like I dreamt of one day.
If possible, then what should I do?

Do you have the preparedness to tell a lie?

Life support. Gimme life support.
Verification. The problem of verification.
The name of the disease. The name of the disease is "regret".
Now what?