Sunday, January 27, 2013

天堕 -第一章- - 乙P

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Upload Date: 01/27/13
Vocals: IA
Composer: 乙P - OtsuP
Lyricist: 鈴葉ユミ - Suzuha Yumi
Illustrator: ささささ - Sasasasa
Movie: 三重の人 - Mie-no-Hito
Mixing & Mastering: 横矢重治 - Yokoya Eiji

Author's Comments
"The prohibited affection between a human and a child of the gods.
The utilized purity."

Skyfall -Chapter 1-

These feelings I realized, which have no
Place to go to be lit up faintly in my chest.
Fingers that got wet on a reflective water's surface
I wander through empty space (the sky), unable to describe my thoughts.

In those days,
The world held true according to 3 stratum.
     The heavens where the gods lived.
     The land where the humans lived.
     The realm of the dead where the deceased lived.
The gods were objects of religion to the people who lived on the land,
And that religious existence amounted to grounds for people's hearts,
And it brought about blessings and tranquility.

The gods, they would not descend upon the land
And exercise something directly upon the humans,
But they watched over the humans from the firmament through a big reflective water's surface
And made the rain fall if a drought lasted,
And guided the sun over if heavy rain lasted.
The people revered that as the power of the gods, and were grateful.

That was the relationship between gods and humans,
And it was a world that had maintained a balance as they could not touch each other.

Lured in to you
Who smiles, I come to smile.
At sad times, I want to gently embrace you.

"I can't let go." I want to feel
Close to you at all times.
"I want to talk." In my heart,
Ripples are born.

What kind of smile will you aim at me?
Its warmth must be like the sun.
I am fine with just a little time.
I want to see him.

My pulsation won't quiet down. I want to know
The meaning of the emotion aching sweetly in my chest--
The wish I spun with my shaking voice.
Only the part I yearned for becomes lovely.

"Please let me go to the land. I want to see how it feels to live as a person."

The father who had felt that his daughter's situation was peculiar
Considered it for some time, then handed a ring to his daughter.

"A stairway to the land will appear if you hold this high up at the edge of the heavens."

His daughter was surely in love.
The father who had considered this decided to let his daughter go to the land.