Tuesday, January 1, 2013

ロクベル - HoneyWorks

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Upload Date: 12/25/12
Vocals: IA
Composer: shito of HoneyWorks
Lyricists: shito & Gom of HoneyWorks
Illustrator: 茶々ごま - Chacha Goma
Movie: えむめろ - Emumelo
Guitarist: 海賊王 - Kaizoku Ō
Bassist: 使徒 - Shito

Author's Comments
"The story of a cat who thought itself to be human."


These streets too, if you look, are respiring.
Papa and Mama's quarrels. EVERYDAY established events.

I can't walk as an equal; I'm a little bad about going to school.
I mean, I get rocks thrown at me, so I bend and behind I trot, trot, trot.

Classes are tedious. I sneak away, and at 12:00 PM
And I'm anxiously blinking in the wind that grazed past me.

If the world was without me, a parallel world spinning and not changing,
It'd be the warmed shell I clung to. I take it off, going to a town I don't know.
The landscapes and fragrances my eyes chase, the sounds I hear, the bitter tastes
Are all supposed to be the same, but if they're not the same, then tell me.

Even if I get my head pet at this age,
Although I'm not glad, I want treats.

A nap next to Mama who is fast asleep.
I was quickly woken up with my dream that everyone was gone.

What a sense of unease. I shake her, half-crying.
Her body that's too hot. Her breaths that seem agonizing.

Isn't my voice getting through? She won't reply with neither a "nh" nor "mm".
"Help her!" I rushed outside, but no matter how much I call out or cry, they feign ignorance.
Shaking off this hand of mine that was of no avail, Papa glares.
The words that those eyes of his denoted were probably that I'm not needed.

I lump together human emotions into one and let it fall,
And I leave one I too; the madder sky. The rain lifting.

It's clear out. I ran past with the lie of my fur, and I didn't look back;
Undone threads. A bound sense of values. I called out and mowed them down, but they aren't gone.
The landscapes and fragrances my eyes chase, the sounds I hear, the bitter tastes
Are all just a smidgen cold in the new town. But it's fine.

What's the name you go by? You don't play with friends?
Do you have a family? I see, so then, I'll walk with you as an equal.
This hand of mine that's of no avail is being touched by you.
Even though I cut off my darn tear ducts, it's no use, they're connected.

They're tightly connected to me.