Tuesday, January 8, 2013

衝動×パンデモニクス - PolyphonicBranch

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 01/06/13
Vocals: 結月ゆかり, MEIKO, Lily, VY1 & 氷山キヨテル - Yuzuki Yukari, MEIKO, Lily, VY1 & Hiyama Kiyoteru
Composer: PolyphonicBranch
Illustrator: MONQ
Movie: hie
Bassist: ティッシュ姫 - TisshuHime
Compression: 7@

Author's Comments
"The information-gathering is perfect.
It has been in effect for long months and years and has prepared for this time.
We already forgot what the important things were.
Even the method of praying to God.
...Come, the curtain will rise upon the stage momentarily."

Impulse × Pandemonics

From the silence that starts to move, it begins to turn little by little.
The white and black that intersected. Mixing together, they're attracted to each other.

I can't avert my eyes. My intention that throbs. My speculation is on who?
Nomination. Orders. A gaze. Verge of death. I evade them and satisfy the night.
Come, are the preparations done?

The key that knows secrets denotes Pandora's fall from virtue.
The points of a swords that meet. A destructive impulse that boils up.
Waiting. Waiting. I was continuing to wait for you.
Now this wink emitting a shine, an instance of life.

A hurricane that swirled. It swallowed up words of planned destiny.
A dead dream started dissolving. A sweet and young likely decree.
Fingertips on the trigger, aim for the gloom of being burdened by gunshots and sadness.
I cannot retrace my steps. Please, please, have a blessed end.
Oh, the wedge that couldn't be escaped was hammered in.

Repeating, I murmur, and I will make preparations that you'll accept.
The night still is just growing deep. Something awakens.
The melody of a fall from virtue that the fingers that trace your cheeks spin.
Drop your head and pray to God. Denote your past smeared with mud.

So mutable they're attracted to each other, the love of two is powerless.
A reverberation that resonates and won't stop. Passing from hand to hand.
Rolling. Rolling. The world cruelly turns.
The flower that bloomed in your chest was shot through, an instance of life.

A hurricane that swirled. Drive away your grumbling and the like.
Burn the flames of your chest blue with absolute coldness.
Moments that flutter about. They searched for the solitude that colored the night and hid their ears.
The fragrance you left. Even now it's scorched into my chest and won't leave.
Come, the bullets of loving were fired.

And so after the gunshots, silence again.
You stood still through days when we smiled at each other,
Through days that wouldn't come back, and tears spilled over.
Where is the future falling?

A hurricane that swirled. It swallowed up both love and abomination.
Don't stop it. A singing voice is certainly getting through to here.
Even though we were supposed to've forgotten the important things, how come it hurts?
I wonder if the string I received from someone's hand is connected to where you are?

Oh, the curtain will rise upon the stage momentarily.