Saturday, January 12, 2013

fairy-tale - くろずみP

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Upload Date: 01/10/13
Vocals: 蒼姫ラピス - Aoki Lapis
Composer: くろずみP - KurozumiP
Illustrator: 蝶夜 - Chōya
Movie: Eria


―That is one sad fairy tale.―

A night when I quietly opened my eyes;
I stared.
Just about everything is within an oversized world.
This small heart that had a love on a certain day.
This throbbing pulsation; I want to convey it to you.
My thoughts transform toward impulse before I know it.
I started talking to him.

Small voice.

A fairy that had been dreaming
With a boy of the human world.
Mere time. Talking together.
They were thankful from their hearts
That they knew of blessings--

Unable to defy the months and days,
I passed them.
The boy of sometime forgetting his young days,
My voice doesn't get through--

"My heart"
"Is in agony."

The fairy that had been dreaming
Knows her wish to be too fleeting.
Thinking back on the mere days,
She cries from her heart over
That she knew of blessings--

I want you to notice me;
This hand you had touched hollow,
My heart is even clinging
In so much pain that nail marks are left.
A dream where I know it's the end.
Those days I can't return to.
What was left was a love covered with wounds.