Friday, January 4, 2013

この手 あの手 - じょん

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 12/25/12
Vocals: IA & 初音ミク - IA & Hatsune Miku
Composer & Movie: じょん - John
Illustrator & Title: さら - Sara

These Hands, Those Hands

I passed through a long night at the end of a year long, long ago.
The floor that the emergency lamp projected onto
Was blurred beyond our eyelashes,
Our hands were grasped.

It brings back a little time. That would be the passing of 5:00 in the evening.
The fir trees that finished their duties at the Third Street intersection
Get rid of their decorations one by one,
And are getting their lively lights stripped off.
While the fall of the curtain is quite too quick and
Is someone else's problem, it's dreary--

Even though winter is restless, only I was stopping.
I was thinking that it was nothing,
All alone.

Under a sky that seemed to be frozen, you quietly rushed up to me;
The reason you gave me with your downcast eyes wouldn't suffice. "Goodbye."
I was just crying.

I saw your backside off until the traffic light turned red,
And after that, I do not remember it very well.
If I look, the night was also wearing on,
And there was an incoming call which I did not recognize.
I was told that it was your best friend.
Without listening to their story to the end,
I started running in a daze.

While winter is restless, only I was stopping.
I was praying for who you are,
All alone.

One day, looking back upon
Today that is irreplaceable,
It will rival the same place,
So that we can smile a little shyly.

While listening to the excuses and the like of the adults who could not save you,
I desperately called out to you,
Maybe always with a voice that opened your eyes.
Our hands were grasped.

I was grasping your hands.