Tuesday, January 15, 2013

デモテープ - ずきお

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Upload Date: 01/13/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append
Composer: ずきお - Zukio

Demo Tape

In a town that generally went mad,
What should I do to play?
The sky that bitter orange conceals
Violently induces my tears.

Without even a place to return to,
I don't have a destination either.
The important things, I already
Totally let go of them, oh.

If I become an adult,
Will I be able to stand both pain and sadness, I wonder?
How can I
Be able to become a strong and kind person, I wonder?

I have walked considerably, 'kay.
The town was noisy today too,
And I wondered just how nice it'd be
If your voice was gone.

In the sky at night that I had looked up at,
Just about everything was blurring,
Mixing together sloppily and falling.
Even if I cover my ears
To your final voice, it won't go away--
My important memories
Are streaming like a movie's film.
The conclusion goes without saying.

Stop it,
Since I still don't want to see it now.

Even if I become an adult,
I won't be very good at being able to control myself.
How can I
Be able to go on living strong and upfront, I wonder?

I'll come to like someone;
It'll be lovely, it'll be fun, it'll be sad,
And I'll come to like again--
No matter how many times we trip,
How is it that we do repeat?
My important memories
Are burying my body and heart bit by bit.
But now, I want to melt into the hustle and bustle
Of this dirty and beautiful town.