Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let-ters - ヘブンズP

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 01/11/13
Vocals: IA
Composer: ヘブンズP - HeavenzP
Movie: モゲラッタ - Mogelatte


"They say that girl went out with him."
"It looks like he moved away." "Did they live together?"
In the tidings of the wind that gets through endlessly,
There is not a single word that is addressed to me.

It's just a bunch of voices that I don't want to listen to,
This postal service that wafts innocently.
The me at that time who had no self-confidence
Wanted to know of you one more time.

I remember for no special reason,
And I pick up my writing brush for no special reason.
Oh, would this address be empty now?
The characters I finished writing,
I crumpled them up.

Don't go and put me away in your memories.
The rumor that reached my ears was irresponsible,
And I played too much in a flowing world.
I did realize, that I liked you.

"I saw it some time ago at the coffee shop."
"It looked like it was one of them." "What could've happened, huh?"
In the tidings of the wind that gets through endlessly,
Pretending to not pay attention to even my chest's pulsation.

I pace around within my room,
Scared of encountering her--
Are the likes of me a distant person?
"I didn't forget,"
I showed with bravado.

Cast away by the mail box of my chest pocket,
My letter was already discolored within a drawer.
So as to cause a deep sleep,
I started walking toward the place I had traced with my fingers.

From time to time, I passed by your head.
So as to erase your phantom away,
I will see if I can walk
One step, another, and again, another.

Toward where my memories ring.
Toward where my heart rings.
I bet your appearance has changed.
That also makes my eyes swell.

Would you forgive me of the time when it was too much,
My own self who wouldn't stop counting everything?
Until I see you, I am a mere child.
Within us, it's still when we were children.

Don't go and put me away in your memories.
Now when we met is now within reality.
You smile like you did way back then.
I hear a whisper that is like the wind.