Saturday, January 19, 2013

夢幻 - ダルビッシュP

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 01/18/13
Vocals: Gumi
Composer: ダルビッシュP - DevilishP
Illustrator: 有坂あこ - Arisaka Ako
Movie: 三重の人 - Mie-no-Hito
Bassist: beriko
Drummer: NETERO
Mixing & Mastering: 神灼爺 - Kamishaku


The dream we were designing inside our eyes transient,
And that day that appeared in our young ideals faint,
The sky of that summer
             that seemed eternal won't come back at all now.
Like children who cried so as to cling to it,
                                                 we shake.

The seasons cycling, flowers bloom,
And we are forever this way,
Collecting the fragments of the dreams we lost--
Tenderly and gently wrapping up
These hearts of ours that were wet with tears,
We take our hoarsed voices--

The days when we were spoiled
                   as usual are changing.
The future where the roads we chose are
                   getting hazy can't be seen.
It was lurking inside our hearts.
We're falling as if we're drowning.
The world that deeply sank
Is within our memories.

A wind blows on the nights that added up,
And we are forever in that sky--
We send our wishes, the ends of the dreams
We hoped for, onto the sounds we played even now--
Someday we'll definitely flap our wings
And make heard our kind verses--

We were straining our voices and shouting.
           Though we're swaying even our strong thoughts,
Hiding our wishes that wouldn't get through,
                We close our eyes within our anxiety, now--

The seasons cycling, flowers bloom,
And we are forever even ahead of this
Just collecting some small light--
Days when we grieved our weakness, farewell.
Someday we'll definitely shine
And deliver our kind verses--