Saturday, January 19, 2013

明けない夜を壊せ - Task

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Upload Date: 01/11/13
Vocals: Gumi extend power
Composer: Task

Break the Night That Won't Dawn

I open an envelope for the time being. An echoing temperature. Something popping.
Your voice that struggles, saying, "It's agonizing." Me who was used to hearing it to where?

If a strategy of no meaning is to your liking, then by all means.
I don't care about a doctrinarianistic dream play.

Us. Before we know it, like a FICTION movie,
We're within this town with an air of innocence.
We're stretching our hands out
Toward the night that still won't dawn, obstinately with all our might. How come?

The advice of a fortune-teller is too extreme and I won't even rely on it.
The future on the next page over is too cold and could solidify.

A placebo. I got used to both bullshit and talking to myself.
Your sleeping breath. I could cry about something like not being savable!

Us. I'm sorry for ignoring the ordinary.
But I still do not know very well
Of a method better than doing that.
Ahead of my tears, is a great conclusion waiting?

A PERSON'S voice saying, "Open your eyes." I shoot a gun in desperation.
The night, today too, quietly goes amiss.
I now think dearly of you who was a child.
The words that say we can't meet anymore
Pass through.

Us. Before I know it, I light a light toward the inside
Of this dark that's like a FICTION movie. I quietly wait for the day.

I was able to pledge, grasping your hand tightly.
Toward the other side of the chaos, break the night that won't dawn.

Break it.