Sunday, March 17, 2013

負け犬至上主義 - 150P

Requested by Constanza Valentina (@MiraiGothic) of Twitter.

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 03/16/13
Vocals: IA
Composer: 150P
Lyricist: スズム - Suzumu
Illustrator: 空 - Kara
Movie: Yuuki Iwakura
Main Designer: さいね - Saine
Guitarist: ぎぶそん - Gibson

Author's Comments
"'The rumor of that kid, is that the boy did attract his yearning.'"

Underdog Supremacy Doctrines

They got their hands on the book of OWARI (the ending).
They got their hands on the bookmark of demise.


Curtain rising.

(ATTENTION) This tale is fiction.

Curtain falling.

Those days
That I recall
Gazing at the sky abruptly.


I was seeing it in a dream when I was a brat.
An invincible
Demise Squadron
Underdog Rangers
Dark Hero.

His enemy who stands
In his way is foolish.
He mows down
His ally also.


Secret doctrines. A multitude of mysteries.
"That's my nihility, see."

Both sorry lies
And awkward SOUNDS
"Are all", "are all", "are all", "are all", see,
For the sake of justice, no?

Shout out love! Say, hero!
To the world we hope for--
Overthrow evil impersonations,
Towards a peaceful future--
Put up your dukes!
Look, hurry up!
I guess it's your turn here on out.
Tightly grasping
The thoughts you kept secret,
Coolly make a decision.
Oh, it's yearning.
Normal guy!

To be continued.


Curtain rising.

Curtain closing.

Those days
That I recall
Gazing at the sky abruptly.


It's not a lie.
It's like a dream.
I'm a capable elite.

The queries that stand
In my way are foolish.
I mow down
The teacher also.

All questions answered correctly.

A multitude of mysteries during tests.
"Should I solve it for you?"

I am sorrily bashful
And smile awkwardly.
"The truth", "the truth", "the truth", "the truth" is
That it is a yearning, no?

Overtake the wind!
Say, elite!
To the form that everyone hopes for--
Everyone and he too loves you--
At the heart of the class.
Smugly decide!
Look, with your head high!
If you walk,
Shrieks and cheers.
For you to pet their heads
Would be the girls swooning.
Oh, I'm a hunk.
Normal guy!

- Here on out! Modulation. -

The wish I declared coming true,
Do whatever you want.
To be a hunky hero is
Not at all

I'm so perfect it's sad.
"It's the world we hope for..."

Mowing down both Mom and my enemies,
"Absolute monarchy."
I'll go last! Listen, applause!
I tore up
Mom's bellowing.
The bell that
Resounded stops.
This is as far as the stage goes.
"Oh, I'm late..."

Dark Hero - AYo
Evil Underling - CInu
Genius Hunk - AYo

Production Team

(ATTENTION) This tale is fiction. (It's important, so here it is again.)