Monday, September 3, 2012

橙ゲノム - ちゅなまぅ (めざめP)

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Upload Date: 09/03/12
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku append
Composer: ちゅなまぅ (めざめP) - Chunamau (MezameP)
Lyricist: つなまる - Tsunamaru
Illustrator: f*cla
Movie: Not-116
Encoder: kenji
Mixing & Mastering: わこつP - WakotsuP

Author's Comments
"To have unrequited love for a person who has unrequited love."

Bitter Orange Genome

Standing, my dream bounced in the sky.
Though I can go home even alone particularly,
It dismays me, hey, probably
Because you aren't beside me.

Don't you be in opposition.
I do hate someone like you.
I've got no place to be.

How about now? Beside you,
I quietly take a breath.
"It's nothing." My heart that peeked
At the blurring sky was playing hide-and-seek.

But, that one person is probably
Living within you as much as ever;
Each time it falls on your face in profile,
Right here, right here gets painful.

I wanna see you; clinging to that,
And crying like an idiot;
Your words that turn within my head.

When you touch me, I could break.
You seem ready to disappear even now;
Town dyed in the sunset,
Kidnap my future and wishes too.

I've go no reason that I can say.

"I do like you."

How about now? I understood,
That this kind of day would come someday.
It's fine now. Let's say goodbye,
Since now I'll restore every thought too.

I will restore them to you.

In the town that the sunset dyed,
I played hide-and-seek with you whom I'd blocked off.