Saturday, February 16, 2013

リスタート - オワタP

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Upload Date: 02/14/13
Vocals: 結月ゆかり & IA - Yuzuki Yukari & IA
Composer: オワタP - OwataP


A quick number of years as I continue to be told
That my dreams are things that I will one day come to my senses from.
I am still living.
I do tick away the hands,
Around and around.

Whipping at my half-broken body,
And giving up saying it's a disposable tool,
I am still living even so.
I do tick away time,
Around and around.

How is it going?
Will I escape?
How is it going?
Will I vanish?
Will I live?
Will I go away?
Will I go?

Escape quickly.
Escape soon.
Somewhere far away.
Way over there.
Before you rot away here,
Hasten time
Around and around.

How is it going?
Can you hear?
Can you protect
The key of time?
A triumphant return that is repeated.
I will run away right now.

Finally, the hands engraving characters of time,
And so I running away to the past,
I am still living even so.
The gears turn,
Around and around.

The order of the world collapsing,
The dignity of the world declining,
The institutions of the world complicating,
The future of the world straying,
The audience of the world rampaging,
The world is concealed by dark nights.

This is justice.
That is justice too.
And that is justice too.
Any is justice.
The wrong people.
The wrong sense of values.
Everyone gets along, right?
Around and around.

Is it useless?
Is it reckless?
Are me and you
Once I stopped the hands of the clock,
They made a snapping sound
And broke.

It was not like the people around this world
Could not understand each other either;
I finally realized it.
Everything's glossed over,
Around and around.

I stopped it,
All of it, all of it.
I will be satisfied with that, will I not?
I cannot run away anymore.

I threw away the damn clock whose hands
I stopped into the days of burning trash.
Will I still go on even so,
From the edge of the platform,
Around and around?