Saturday, February 2, 2013

「Adam」 - コウ (Diarays)

Somehow connected to the game Ib.

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Karaoke: (Piapro acct. necessary)
Upload Date: 01/31/13
Vocals: IA
Composer: コウ (Diarays) - Kou (of Diarays)
Illustrator: 出水ぽすか - Demizu Posuka
Movie: Not-116

Author's Comments
"I'll begin with you no matter how many times.
No matter how many times."


I can't hear them, my withered lines (words).
The thread I offered in the middle of a dream.
If the closing curtain doesn't fall,
Then it's fine if you kill us two again.

Diverted into the sound of collapse,
Are you crying?
Nights that won't change.
The hue (color) of the sky that dirties you
Roils up some ash and and says upside-down:
"May you live."

I knew about my regret for
My final hour this day.

Don't speak of it, the dead solution (answer).
Are you saying that even our meeting was empty?
Even the proof of it that is definitely
On my left arm, that you existed here.

If you forgive my forgetfulness,
I'll mix the tears that were poured onto my "heart",
And go to make, go to make sure of it.

You severed me that day,
And redoing the world,
You kissed me that day
And you did regain love.

Why did I let go,
Of that hand of yours that day?

I can't hear them, my withered lines (words).
If I cannot hand over the love
I carved in the middle of a dream,
Then I'll sear it into those eyes of yours.

These are the verses of my final hour,
Since I leave it in my heart (a place) that won't
Vanish even with my half-broken left hand,
The day I loved you, "Adam".

One more time, that day...

I tried looking up at the sky that had cleared.
Though I'm no longer used to the light,
What touched this left hand of mine
Was your right hand.