Wednesday, February 13, 2013

待ち猫と少年 - ほのぼのマスター

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Upload Date: 02/07/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: ほのぼのマスター  - Honobono'Masutaa
Lyricist: なと - Nato
Illustrator: 碧。 - Ao.
Mixing: micoto

Author's Comments
"It is the story of a cat who continues to wait for a boy who no longer returns."

The Waiting Cat and the Boy

The third winter has come to this town too.
Outside it is pure white.
I wish nothing would ever change
Even now in the scenery I see out the window.

It is cold outside, isn't it?
Come back here quickly.
Even Papa and Mama
Are passing the time lonesomely.

Each time the front door opens,
I expect it to be you.
Pet me again,
With that tenderly warm hand of yours.

Every last one of the footprints that continue to you
Have gone away.
The snow that lies thick beyond the window
Will not inform me of anything.

The window that sways and mists up.
Your Mama rushes over to me.
It grows dark and darker.
Within my field of vision, the word of "sorry".

I am all right,
Since I decided in my heart to continue to wait
Until you return,
Since that is connecting me and you.

Light that faintly shines.
A warm hand pets my face.
"Sorry for making you wait."
I was able to be together with you again at last.