Monday, February 18, 2013


Upload Date: 10/01/11
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin append
Composer: AVTechNO!
Lyricist: 祭屋 - Saiya
Illustrator: meola


Within a quite blaze, I was just gazing at my broken knees,
Even though my heart is in despair as deep and heavy as lead.
Burdened along with sins, and being wrenched open one more time
When it knows it is a living accomplice (companion), an inorganic joy is full.

It fills my heart so much that I choke.
A black pulse rushes through my body.
It's fine if just about everything is a lie.
Oh, now I am surely crying.
The extremity of the night that is ending.
I am being destroyed by white water.
Amounting to a shadow before I know it,
Amounting to wrinkles, I amount to dust,
And you are no longer anywhere.

Within the intense rain, I have no umbrella, no shoes, nor a phone.
And thus everything in the world I look down upon is ash-colored.
When I close my eyes, what the heck would the scenery I could see be?
Only the temperature that is conveyed from the concrete is REAL to me.

My throat that trembles so much that it hurts.
The sky swallows up my black respiration (breath).
My dirtied skin melts in the rain,
Oh, and now I am surely crying.
I become the wind. Midday when I vanished.
A white line is irregularly wrapped up.
Amounting to characters before I know it,
amounting to sound, I amount to water,
and I want to go around again and see you.