Saturday, February 2, 2013

こぐま座一番星 - わか/IMBK

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Upload Date: 02/01/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: わか/IMBK - Waka/IMBK
Illustrator: 千助 - Chisuke
Movie: Sui

Author's Comments
"'I was never alone.'"

The First Star in Ursa Minor

The town is being dyed white,
Like the pattern of my heart.

The reality reflected in our eyes
Is not our truth.
On the turning globe, at all times, you
Were watching over me.
I didn't notice, I didn't pay attention,
To your big presence.

I was never alone,
Since, though you're a long, long ways away,
The first star to float in space (the sky)
Was you.

Time will become a shooting star,
I'll meet you once more in my dreams;
I believe in those kinds of fairy-tale-like

I was never alone,
Since, I mean, even if I tried seeing all alone,
The first star to float in space (the sky)
Was you.

A scientific flame (fire) wraps up the globe (planet),
And the world becomes covered in lies,
The night sky so clouded that your voice
Won't even get through.

The frozen world. My closed eyes.
Will I go to where you are too?
Looking back, I had a feeling that
You were there at all times.