Saturday, February 2, 2013

meaningless - 向日葵 紅蓮 (バベルP)

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Upload Date: 02/01/13
Vocals: IA
Composer: 向日葵 紅蓮 (バベルP) - Himawari Guren (BabelP)
Illustrator: godzilla23
Movie: Not-116
Encoder: kenji

Author's Comments
"I mean, even if every one of our efforts aren't the result we would've wanted, the fact that we had chose it isn't meaningless. And everyone, everyone can't just struggle and then negate their stretched out hands. There isn't a single meaningless thing."


If we cover my ears and close our eyes,
Our senses SHUT DOWN.
We protect our dream that has
No end nor the like.

There isn't a single meaning
Nor value to these lives.
It's fine just to "want to live".

Even if we took them to not be here, I mean,
The numbers we had expressed and things we had left,
Was our wish that we had done to exhaustion
A thing that had no meaning?

Destroy me.
The road we've been walking
Is supposed to be continuing right behind us.
(people says surface is true)
Comprehend (understand) me/
People are always alone.
No one will appear here.

Even if we pile up
Our errors and regrets so much we can't count them,
We won't be mistaken,
Since we've been living in the time we've passed.

Destroy me.
There's a thing that we cannot make end the way we are.
Comprehend (understand) me.
I'm always alone.

Touch me.
I want you to notice the dark
That hid in those shadows of ours.
meaning full
(I want you to know me)
Comprehend (understand) me,
Everything about me.

Comprehend (understand) me.
Touch me.
It still won't begin like this.
Destroy me.