Friday, February 1, 2013

Ishtar - 2d6

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Upload Date: 01/27/13
Vocals: 巡音ルカ - Megurine Luka
Composer: 2d6
Illustrator: 秋吉 - Akiyoshi
Movie: mayuko


My footsteps in the winter that a north wind declares.
The townscape that is dyed in the colors of the night.
The words that my young self murmurs
Climb to the sky on a white sigh.

I had believed that, chasing after them, I could grasp
The shining jewels beyond where I stretched out my hands.

One piece of the downpouring stars just
Touches the tip of my pinky and vanishes.
I was able to smile at just that mere thing.
Everything is memories
Of that day that has gone far away.

The reality that the cycling seasons declare.
Like someone who had a gloomy face,
My daily life is only getting good at
Giving things up and misrepresenting them.

Each time the once-distant sky got close,
Jewels spilled over from the gaps of my fingers.

Now, one flake of the snow that started to fall
Touches my frozen cheek and melts.
I still don't forget. I stretch my hands out again,
To the other side of the clouds.
The starry sky is there even now.

The boundary line of the sky that separates morning and night.
This sky that is being reborn.
I was watching it.

Now, the star that shines in the morning glow sky.
I stretched out my hands like I did that day.
We'll meet again someday. I'll grab all I can then.
Overlapped pinkies. The promise I exchanged with the dawn.