Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dolls - RozenkreuzP

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Upload Date: 05/20/08
Vocals: 鏡音リン - Kagamine Rin
Composer: RozenkreuzP


This town in the night.
The lights are lit.
I made the sound of creaking
Gears and wheels echo as I walked
With nowhere to go,
Even though I could not walk well.

Why could it be that I was born?
Why is my heart the color of silver?

In the remote past, that person said,
"You are a special doll."
Dancing and singing,
So as to be praised by him.
I am singing even now, forever.

Even if he does not open his eyes, I will sing.

Why could it be that I was born?
I will just continue singing for eternity.

One day coming to sleep,
To the great place where that person is--
My wish will not come true.
I live singing alone and break--

Time flows,
I forget my songs too,
And I hurry toward the place where that person sleeps
While dragging along
My chipped and cracked body,
No matter how many times I fall down.

Accompanying the flowers at a place where I can see the sea--
Come, let me sleep
Along with that person.

Let us grant my wish.
"You have lived alone long enough."
I heard that person's voice
Close at my side.

The voice I listened to so many times within my dreams.
It tenderly resounds in my chest.
A gentle light
Surrounds me,
And I'm smiling.

I am smiling.