Friday, February 22, 2013

Lastear - AVTechNO!

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Upload Date: 02/15/13
Vocals: 初音ミク - Hatsune Miku
Composer: AVTechNO!

Author's Comments
"It is the story which is both the first and latter part of TEAR."


The one who can heal my scars is you.
It's fine if you don't hug me tight.
Be grasping my hand tightly forever.
It circulates in this chest... your body temperature (warmth) does.
It's fine if you don't comfort me.
It's fine if you just be by my side.

I can't close up all the cuts that opened.
I alone
Hold you down too--
It is projected in a corner of my slumbering consciousness.
Tightly hug me who is amounting to ash.
The tears that you shed
Guide me
Without wandering about.
The time I spent is overflowing and flowing.
My loneliness being washed away too,
Now...I am not sad.

Your warmth that was etched into my chest
Sinks me into a peaceful sleep.
My memories with you are LINKed (connected) to the future (tomorrow)
And are surrounded by light,
So as that we will meet once more...

The unfamiliar town where I walked with you
Comes to mind, and alone...I smile____

I won't forget.
Don't forget...
i won't forget
don't forget...

You who healed my scars for me.
It's fine if you don't hug me.
Be staring at me a little more.
It circulates in this chest, your body temperature (warmth) does.
Don't say, "Goodbye...".
We'll meet once more______